Writing a business book to support your business is one of the best career moves you can make: people take you more seriously, you’ll book more speaking gigs, and headhunters may even start coming after you with nice salary offers. In this episode, we talk to Karl Craig-West, author of Smashing Self Employment about the book writing process and how having a book written in his name has helped grow his career.

We talk about how to get your book written even if you hate writing or typing, the process of getting on Amazon as a self-published author, and his advice for people who are writing their first books.


What we discuss in the episode:

  • The demand for Karl’s book: his network noticed he had a lot of knowledge in his head, and told him he should publish it into a book.
  • The Smashing Self Employment online community
  • The how-to behind writing your book and getting it ready for publication
  • Why it’s best to outsource some parts of the process & which parts to outsource
  • Promoting your newly-published book
  • What Karl would do differently about the book writing, publishing, and marketing process


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