Today we’re going to talk about something a *little* uncomfortable, and that’s hearing the things you don’t want to hear. 👂 🚫

Finding someone to tell you the uncomfortable truths. 😬

Because the fact of the matter is, true growth in life (& business) doesn’t happen when you surround yourself with a bunch of yes-girls who “build you up” by just affirming your biases & unconscious, toxic behaviors.

People who’ll tell you the following:

  • “You’re TOTALLY enough as an entrepreneur, babe, if people can’t see your value, that’s their problem.” (Meanwhile your bank account sits empty.)
  • ”Men are trash. You can’t trust a single one of them. You’re better off alone so you can shine by yourself.” (Meanwhile you’re a heterosexual female and your life’s biggest desire is to find a man you can love and trust and have babies with.)
  • ”Your boss doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You should stand up for yourself and stick it to her.” (But your boss has 15 more years of experience than you do, and is just trying to show you how things really work so you can do better at your job, get promoted, get a raise, and have a happier career.)
  • ”Girl, you just need to watch Netflix, drink a bottle of wine, and forget about it.” (Then the next day not only do you still feel bad about whatever happened, but you’ve also got a nasty hangover.)


🙄Like those girls who LOVE to post the memes “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” 🙄

Bitch, if you want us to want you at your best, YOU GOTTA SHOW US YOUR BEST. You can’t just act like a trashy bitch all the time and expect the world to deliver itself to you on a platter.

And while I’m not here to fix peoples’ personality problems, I CAN fix their business problems.

And TRULY getting on the right track in business (and not just falsely feeling good about yourself) is where a good business coach comes in.


A good business coach, in many cases, is better than your yes-girl (or yes-man) friends.


Instead of supporting you no matter your failures, they’ll kick your ass to get PAST your failures.


Instead of telling you it’s okay to give up on your dream and go for a slightly-soul-crushing 9-5, they’ll show you exactly what to do to sell more so you don’t have to give up on your dreams.

Instead of telling you you’re perfect and doing everything right… they’ll agree with you that you’re perfect & deserve whatever it is you want—but they’ll take the time to show you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. 💰

👉 👉 Instead of telling you that you need to get better at “holding the vibration of money” and gaslighting you into oblivion and poverty around your “mindset,” a good business coach will teach you how to get your offer in front of more people. How to have better sales conversations. How to close the fucking deals. 💵

It’s why my troubleshooting calls are so effective.

And why my longer-term coaching really helps people explode in their potential. (And their income.)

It’s why, in business, impatience is a virtue.

If you sit around drinking wine with your “yes girls” all day long, you’re not taking steps towards your success.

But if you keep your yes girl wine nights to 1-2 evenings per week & use the rest of your time to get some smart shit done, you’ll start to see results. Guaranteed. Especially if & when you make sure you’re working on the RIGHT things by hiring a business coach who’s done it before.

I never set out as a business coach to fake-coddle people & keep them below their potential, Chelsea. 🙅‍♀️

I set out to change the mother-fucking WORLD through good people like you & me getting our bank accounts FULL of money (& therefore freedom, influence, and power) to change the world for the better.

Because old structures need to be taken down. And we can do it. But not if we sit around in mindless, toxic oblivion all day.

And when I show up Chelsea, I mother-fucking mean it.

I get results.

I get shit done.

I make money.

And I help you do the same.

Ready to jump on board with me and become a fellow world-changer who actually DOES something about it instead of just talking & complaining?

Then bitch, I’d love to have you.👇

Book a call below.👇 👇


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