A brand-new website & profitable email funnel built *just for you* by the Business Bitch herself.


Service available for one person per month.

Wish you could start your business TODAY, but you *just fucking can’t* because you don’t have a website yet?

Let me tell you: I hear you. I feel you.

And a little over 10 years ago, I was you.

I made my very first website 10 years ago, and HOLY FUCK it was hard to figure out & it took FOREVER.

I’m not even gonna front with you: my first websites were ugly as hell. But since then, I’ve made more web pages than I could possibly hope to count.

I’ve constructed things for my clients, updated my own websites, launched businesses, and made impossible-to-work buttons actually work for the first time in forever.

I’ve become really fucking tech savvy…. To the point that when I decided to start Business Bitch two years ago, I went from idea to full-fledged business with website, marketing funnel, payment systems, amazing web copy, digital products, and EVERYTHING I’d possibly need to run an online business in 19 days flat.

Yes, 19 days. Less than 3 weeks for a full-fledged online business.

Which means I can take you from nothing to website + email funnel + payment systems + ready-to-run online business in one month or less. For real.

Done in ONE Month

How much would your life change if you had an online business set up & ready to make money one month from today? It’d be pretty priceless, wouldn’t it?

Designed for Conversion Optimization

That’s business speak for: everything I create for you (copywriting, web design, email funnels, etc.) will be designed to get as many conversions & sales as possible. I regularly get 2.3x to 3.5x more conversions & sales for clients, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Experience from someone who’s been there & done that

I’ve been in the online business game for 10+ years. I’ve logged nearly 20,000 hours doing what I do, which is almost DOUBLE the amount required for “expert” status. I can literally do this work in my sleep, and often DO have dreams about it. 🤓


Your website (& email funnels) will be built into tools optimized for use on mobile phones & tablets. (Which means people can do business with you both at work & on the go.)

Who this is perfect for:



Small Agencies


Digital Product Sellers

Side Hustlers

Etsy Store Owners

Newbie Entrepreneurs

Busy, Experienced Business People

Starry-Eyed, Ambitious Business Bitches

Learn More About Business Bitch’s Website-Building Service

A quick little video about everything I’ll do for you in this one month together:

I got really excited about this service one day & hit “record” on my laptop to talk about it.

Watch the video to learn ALLLLL of everything I’ll do for you & let me know if you have any questions.

(Also: there’s a cutle little blooper of interruption at the end. 😉 #reallife)

The total for these services reaches almost $15 grand, but when you become one of my online-business-website-in-a-month clients, I offer them at a SIGNIFICANT discount… like way more of a discount than you’re probably thinking. 😮

So if you’re interested, fill out the application & we’ll talk.

What You Get in My Done-For You Website + Email Funnel Service:


1) All copy WRITTEN for you

Get ALL of your copy written by a high-value, in-demand copywriter focused on optimizing your signups, conversions, and sales. 

$5,000 value


2) completed web design

Publicly-available website with all the pages you need to get started. A menu that makes sense, and a professional look that shows you’re a hot contender in your niche. 

$4,000 value


3) Google Analytics install

Your website will come with Google Analytics already installed, which lets you see how your visitors interact with your content over time. This helps you improve your business in the long-term.

$300 value


4) a url purchased for you

If you don’t have a URL yet, we’ll get one for you. An awesome, memorable one that’s easy to say & get traffic to. (And that looks badass on a business card.)

 approx. $30 value


5) paid-for access to needed technology

Everything you need to get started, including *lifetime* access to an easy-to-use page builder for future website updates, a year of access to my favorite web hosting company, and a few months’ worth of access to the email software that best suits your needs. 

approx. $400 value

6) vanity email address

Vanity email [name@yourwebsite.com] set up & integrated with Gmail, outlook, or whatever you use. Start looking profesh ASAP.

$150 value

7) Effective email marketing funnel

Your first email marketing funnel that upsells people to your first paid offer… so you can make money automatically & have an easier time selling to them in the future.

$1,500 value


8) incredible lead magnet

One awesome lead magnet that your audience will love & can’t wait to sign up for. Which equals way more people on your email list. Hell Yeah. 

$1,200 value


9) basic logo & brand colors

If you need it, I’ll make a basic logo & color palette to get you going. You’ll look professional & have a more easily identifiable “brand.”

$600 value

10) two months of follow-up coaching

We’ll tailor this to your needs, but at the very least we’ll focus on getting you to the $8k to $10k per month mark. (Six figures hellloooooo) 

$1,000 value

11) access to business bitch trainings

Access to any & all relevant business trainings you need. 

Value: $67 to $500 or more, depending


12) voice note access

Unlimited voice note access to me during the month we’re getting your website & email funnel up & running. Ask me whatever you want. 

Value: priceless

Ready to get started?

Fill out the application using the button below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to schedule a time to talk. (Oh, and by the way, HIGH FIVE to you becoming another awesome business bitch, changing the world & making money while you do it! ✋)

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