Oh my gosh, I am so proud of this episode, AND of my client!!

In this episode, I talk to Walton Jones, who worked with me in August and September in my six-week 1:1 coaching package. He’s a total expert in all things blockchain and cryptocurrency, but was having a hard time figuring out how to earn a living from this skillset before he hired me. Once we had our first discovery call together, I heard his passion for his work, saw a vision he could step into to achieve his dreams, and then guided him to that next level.

But rather than me telling you what I did, he tells you the whole story from his perspective, which is so cool and really special.

Here’s a more specific breakdown of what we talk about in this episode:

  • What is blockchain in layman’s terms? Why it’s a trustworthy “person” that helps other people communicate.
  • Helping people understand blockchains & cryptocurrencies as a tool for social change, rather than putting sleazy buy-in invites out there using Bitcoin as a get rich scheme.
  • Setting up a website as a business, but then realizing that money doesn’t just come in just because you’re putting good content out there.
  • How he found me on a registry for conference attendees & started following me online before deciding to work with me.
  • What it was really like to coach with me for six weeks
  • How I helped him shift his strategy so he could make more money more quickly AND change the world on a bigger scale through his work. Two birds, one stone!
  • The bigger vision I saw for him & his mission after our initial discovery call, and how I helped guide him to achieve that vision. 
  • His dream of being an expert speaker on a topic that isn’t fully a “thing” yet.


Then, I asked him some questions about cryptocurrency & blockchain so “normal” people like me who don’t fully understand it could get a better grasp on what it is, and why it’s so good for the world. Here’s what we went over in that section: 

  • What makes cryptocurrency a more financially equitable system than the current financial system?
  • What’s the difference between all the different cryptocurrencies?
  • The supply cap of Bitcoin: why there’s only 21 million that will ever exist. – Why will no more Bitcoin be created after 2140?
  • Why Dodgecoin is a good currency to practice with.
  • What will happen to the value of Bitcoin when there aren’t anymore being created?
  • What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and “real” currency like Dollars, Pounds, and Euros—especially since they’re all just based on perceived value anyway? And since most exchanges are all electronic? (For example, the US Dollar is no longer on the gold standard.) – 95% of dollars don’t exist in paper form
  • How can business owners use blockchain or learn about it for the future?
  • Use-case examples for blockchain in business.
  • Medical records on blockchain & how it could help you out A TON.


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