Expensive Business Coaching is Bullshit.

That’s right, I said it.


You won’t find any of those “pay me $10,000 to talk to me two hours per month” deals here.

Hell, even if you hired me to coach you 1:1 for AN ENTIRE YEAR, it’d only cost $6,000 over the course of 12 months.

But my long-term coaching isn’t the point of this page.

We’re talking troubleshooting sessions, and they are MY FAVORITE THING. (And it’s only $250 for a custom 1:1 session.)

Why troubleshooting?

Because you’re no pansy.

You know how to get shit done, and you don’t need your mommy holding your hand for every little step.

You also don’t have time to waste watching irrelevant training videos or scouring the internet for useless articles to help you figure things out. 

No: you’ve got a business. And you’ll take no shit in making it successful.

And I create no shit in helping you get there.

No unnecessarily long sign-up process. No forcing you to take a course that isn’t relevant to you… or making you sign up for an expensive “mastermind” you don’t really care about just so you can get in on my 1:1 business advice for you.

I know you respect your time and money just as much as I respect mine, which is why I offer troubleshooting sessions to cut the bullshit and get to the results ASAP.

Each session with me lasts an hour, and at the end of it you get a to-do list of items you’re excited about doing that’ll get you past your current hurdles and onto the next level of business success you’ve been craving.

I can help you do things like:

Scale your automatic income

Create an easy-to-finish to-do list with me that’ll get you selling a digital product on automation. (Or fix your current sales process so you’ll sell more of what you’ve already got.)

$8k – $10k / month baseline revenue

Get a comfortable baseline revenue in place so you can begin to scale to something bigger, without financial stress.

Launch a new product or program

In just one hour, we can discuss what you’re launching, decide how to launch it, and create a to-do list for the launch.

Better Messaging

Before I was a business coach, I was a high-end copywriter GREAT at getting attention. We’ll rewrite your pages, marketing, & product descriptions for more sales.

Social media & content marketing

Start connecting with your audience AT SCALE so you can truly grow your business. Create more leads, a better network, and become the go-to in your niche.

Find the gigs that pay the REAL $$$$

Quit wasting your time on Upwork or other job boards. Find out the behind-the-scenes way high-end freelancers are landing high-end ($10k or higher) deals.

Figure out what’s wrong with your marketing

Why aren’t people buying or opting in? How can you fix it? We can dive into your systems & your data to figure it out, find a fix, and make you money.

Raise your prices

Learn how to raise your prices for current & future clients, without losing any revenue. Finally feel like you’re being fairly compensated for your hard work.

Questions I can help you answer:


  • Why aren’t you booking enough clients to meet your income goals?
  • Why can’t you find the clients you love?
  • Where the hell are all these amazing projects other freelancers are raving about?
  • How TF do you establish reliable month-to-month revenue streams?
  • How can you raise your prices without turning off your customers?
  • How can you land more work from existing clients?


  • How do you get in the room with the movers & shakers you know can make a difference in your business? (Even if you’re not in the same city?)
  • Where are people losing interest in your business & how can you bring them back stronger than ever?
  • How can you better-word your home page, sales pages, contact page, and product pages to sell more?

Business Systems

  • Why isn’t anyone buying your digital products?
  • Why is “scaling” so damn hard for you?
  • How TF do you create a funnel?
  • Why isn’t the funnel you created working as well as you expected?
  • How should you reorganize your business to stop working so damn hard all the time, while making the same amount of (or more) money?
  • How can you quickly replace income from your j-o-b so you can quit & live a freer life?

Ready to start?

Good, me too. 😉

Click here to see my availability and book a time with me. 😘  Can’t wait! 💖

"The path to success is to take massive, determined actions."

-Tony Robbins

“God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.”

-St. Augustine

"Impatience is a virtue."

-Chelsea Baldwin, Founder of Business Bitch

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