Yesterday, we talked about your “why” and how, amazing as it might be, it’s not gonna make itself happen.

How you’ve got to put some fucking time & money in to make the damn thing a reality… instead of just a daydream in your mind.

And I was thinking about this yesterday as I was running errands…

And I realized that time & money, when invested in your business or your big dreams, have a symbiotic relationship:

The more you increase one, (typically) the more you increase the other.

The more money (or time) you invest, the more of the other you’ll find yourself investing in whatever it is you want to do.

Isn’t that interesting?


Case in point:


If you only invest five dollars in something to help your business, it’s not going to take you that much time to deal with or work through.

But if you invest $500?

Or $5,000?

Suddenly you’re investing a lot more time.

I realized this while listening to a business & wealth mentor who sells a $5,000 program I want to take.

He said something about it taking 200 hours. (I spent an ENTIRE month working full-time on a 200-hour yoga teacher training, for perspective.)

That’s a lot of fucking time.

But it’s worth it.

And if I spent that $5,000 to show up to his program, you better fucking bet I’m spending all of that 200 hours to get the value out of it that I paid for. And as a result of me spending that money, and therefore that time., my life and business will be so, so much better.

Interesting paradox, no?

The more you’re willing to invest (in money & time), the better off you’ll be towards said goal.

A lot of people seem to think the idea of “throwing money at things” solves their problems… when really it either doesn’t solve them or just creates more. (Like now you’re broke because you don’t have said money or credit available.)

But… that isn’t to say things have to be prohibitively expensive to be worthwhile.

Not. At. All.

Believe me.

I’ve invested in some of those “prohibitively expensive” masterminds, and honestly wish I’d gone for something more affordable for some of them.

But that’s neither here nor there right now.

At least I learned my lesson.

And it’s a BIG part of the reason why I make sure that every single paid option through Business Bitch is chock full of value, and accessible for people at every price point: even the bootstrapping entrepreneurs who feel like they’re broke as a joke & can’t see a way out.

If you’re willing to invest the TIME alongside what I teach you in my offers, you WILL see a difference, a result, and more profit.

Like, it’s virtually guaranteed.

(I only can’t say it’s 100% guaranteed because, you know, legal stuff.)

But I swear to shit it’s so damn useful.

Even my cheapest products:

My “Be Your Own Business Coach” workbooks are only $40 a pop (but you can get them for $26.80 right now with my birthday sale), and good god damn are they helpful.

You get a great workbook outlined with questions & prompts designed by me (someone who’s been there & done it for what feels like 1,000 times over), AND you get an audio training that accompanies each one to lead you through it and help you come up with good ideas.

AND you get to download them directly to your computer, so you get to keep them and use them


Or my ‘Five Figure Client Deals’ Training.

Hot damn 🔥, let’s talk about some value there. 🔥 😎

Only $227 for lifetime access to a four-video + workbook training that walks you through EXACTLY how to land freelance client gigs worth $10,000 per more.

Oh, AND it comes with email accompaniment, meaning that once you enroll in the course you not only get the videos AND the workbook, but you ALSO get daily emails from me to walk you through it, to help you out, AND to give you new ideas on how to best use the material, especially if you’re not quite playing in that $10,000 project pond yet.

(And with my birthday sale, it’s only $152.09.)

Or my troubleshooting sessions…. Which I could go on & on about, but I’ll just let you click here and read the landing page if you’re interested.

(I will say, though, that I used one troubleshooting call to help a client increase his automated revenue by $5,000 per WEEK, so that’s pretty fucking awesome, no?)

They’re 33% off right now too, so instead of paying $250 for one, you can get EVERYTHING included in a 1:1 troubleshooting session with me for only $167.50.

It’s a helluva deal.

And you can get these deals with the coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY33 at checkout.

But only until Wednesday.⌚ 📅

So if you know you’re sure as shit ready to spend some TIME growing your business dreams, spend a little money to make sure that time is as effective as possible, and gets you to the point you think you’ll be at in six months, but could actually be at in ONE month from now.

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want your dreams to come true, or don’t you? 😉

See you inside my trainings. 😉

Much love,

The full list of savings available with code HAPPYBIRTHDAY33:


Can’t wait! 😘

Let’s hear it for your 2021 success! 🥂









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