In Chris Guillebeau’s new book The Money Tree, he explores the idea of not creating a brand-new business from scratch, and instead taking advantage of the money-making ideas that ALREADY exist around you.

The book is fiction, but focuses on a the very realistic story of a main character who finds himself stressed TF out over money and life, and who could use a way to make some quick cash, fast. He gets challenged by a mentor to make $1,000 in a week, and the story unfolds as he finds his opportunities, talents, and ways of making a significant amount of cash that fit into his already-busy schedule.

Chris is someone who’s made a career of patching together side hustles (rather than going all-in on one business idea), so his insights are intriguing and refreshing. Listen to the interview to hear all of Chris’s advice, but here are some basics of what we cover:

  • Why the “if you do the exact same things as Warren Buffet every day, you will be successful too” advice is BS.
  • Things he’s learned by creating a career solely of a hodge-podge of side hustles, and just one “job” or one “business.”
  • Why authenticity & original thinking were important to his successful ventures vs. not-as-successful ventures.
  • Why it’s actually a good idea to approach side-hustles & money-making without expecting your first few ventures to become a full-fledged business.
  • “Just do the thing that is in front of you.”
  • How freaking exciting it is to make more money, and how that motivates you to keep going.
  • Ain’t no shame in reselling to start! (And how you can STILL sell stuff on Craigslist.)

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