The show is a moment of zen & relaxation to let yourself BREATHE amongst all the hustle you’re doing as an entrepreneur to make your dreams happen. To let yourself off the hook from time to time and actually take care of yourself, instead of beating yourself up unnecessarily. (And so, ironically, you’re actually MORE productive because you took time off.)

Ruth is an incredible business woman doing incredible things, but in this podcast, she talks about the importance of time management, letting yourself off the hook every now and then, and how no one really cares if you’re working 9-5 or 5-9.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The definition of a maven
  • The isolation of entrepreneurship, especially in a small town
  • Creating a community when you don’t have the one you want
  • The facade entrepreneurs put on to show that things are better than they actually are – and the life-changing connection that can happen when you admit what real life is actually like for you
  • How, when, and why she started her first in-person event for business owners
  • How her smaller events evolved into a summer camp
  • Hosting events without needing an event planning certification
  • Her first camp went viral & sold out in 12 hours, then having a hard time selling tickets to camps that came after.
  • How hard it is to sell & ask for money when you have heart behind your business.
  • Time & energy management.
  • Why it’s 100% OKAY to not work 40 hours per week as an entrepreneur, and why you may actually be better off not doing it.
  • How embracing your inner maven in your desired subject area can help you eliminate having to do tasks & jobs you hate.


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