I brought my old business back from the dead a couple weeks ago. πŸ’€

Specifically Copy Power, the one I thought I’d be selling. πŸ’Έ

❀️ Truth is, the work I went through to put the company up for sale wasn’t all for nothing. It helped me realize what I loved about the business (the digital courses, helping people on-demand and on-repeat, and that fairly passive revenue model), and what I hated about it πŸ‘Ž (being inundated with client projects, deadlines, and revisions).

⚠️ So though I’m reviving the business, I’m NOT reviving it in the same way it was running before the shit hit the fan with it in early 2019.

I’m still doing some client work, but not much.

😎 In the future, I’ll be creating a database of high-end writers who have taken my trainings to take care of the leads for themselves, rather than me acting as the bottleneck and the middle man.

✨ πŸ’΅That way, clients can get dedicated high-quality writers who know my process that doubles & triples results… and I get to focus on just the parts of the business that I love: which is providing trainings that teach people how to write great copy.


The Work Behind Re-Launching an Old Company

(If you haven’t been reading The Business Bitch Dispatch, this is the company that I was going to sell for $159,000, but then didn’t. If you want the full story, tell me in the comments & I’ll send it to you.)

Anyway, long story short, I had some realizations about how I could pretty easily re-launch Copy Power to the world, make more money from it, help more people with it, and basically live out my vision for it. πŸ™ŒπŸ’–

πŸ“ The first step involved re-vamping and refreshing my free copywriting course people sign up for. I did this by re-writing some parts of the lessons to make them more relevant based on what I’ve learned about my audience, and by actually giving people a REASON to buy the up-sell I offer after the free course, which is Write a Better Website. (Read: an expiring coupon code.)

THEN, I “re-activated” my followers by sending out an email sequence to get my email subscribers interested again, and I started posting on Instagram & showing up in the company’s Instagram stories more & more. I also put a popup on the website to start capturing more people into the new, better email funnel I’d just created.

πŸ’― I’m really proud of it and I KNOW it’s going to really help me achieve my business & income goals in a major way. πŸ’―


Stay tuned for what happens next in my solopreneur business owner saga:

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