Easy resources to help ANY business sell online. Renee Nichole knows online business & online selling like the back of her own hand. (We’re kind of similar in that way.) And in this episode, she’s got A TON of great advice and resources to help ANY business transition to selling online. She’s practical, down-to-earth, and gives you a lot of things to take notes on if you want to start selling more online. (Or you can just scroll down to get the links she mentions from the show notes.)

This episode was recorded right at the beginning of Covid-19 quarantine, so a big part of our conversation focuses on helping brick & mortar businesses who had to close their physical doors start making money through the internet. But even if you’re not in that situation, her advice is practical & useful… it’ll help you transition to selling online if you don’t already, OR sell *more* online than you already are.

If you’d like to watch our video interview, you can do so here: https://businessbitch.com/renee-nichole-consulting/

Online business tools she recommends:

Renee also mentions selling some simple, easy-to-make digital products. If that sounds like something you’d like to try, I have a free training on it available here


Find Renee online:

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