In this episode, I talk to my friend Rebecca Ann about her move from the business world & working for other people to working for herself in the world of spirituality.

She earned two different business degrees, but now works as a divine intuitive healer with a special focus on strengthening the divine feminine archetype in female business leaders.

Rebecca showed up with a lot of energy and great advice, and you can tell she walks the talk in the advice that she gives. This week’s episode is a really powerful one, especially for the ladies in the audience. I promptly updated some of the affirmations I was saying after this conversation. (Though man or woman, she’s got some incredible advice on what to do when you’re trying to put your business out there, but feel like no one is listening or watching.)


Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about:

  • What Rebecca does as a divine intuitive healer. What it means to be a soul expansion coach & get divine feminine leaders into their power.
  • Quitting her job cold-turkey.
    • How she decided to become a coach, and how that transitioned into her healing work.
  • How she grew her audience when she started her blog from nothing. (Creating different social media groups, showing up live every day, etc.)
  • What it’s like to go all-in on your dreams.
  • Why & how to show up consistently when you’re marketing your business & building an audience.
  • What to do when NO ONE shows up or responds to the content you put out there. (It may not be what you expect.)
  • Why it’s important to be pulled by your vision, not the money.
  • How to get testimonials & flaunt them when you do.
  • Getting spiritual & calling in the clients you’re meant to work with.
    • Why meditation is great for business guidance. 
    • How I meditate & gain the vision for each of my 1:1 clients before we start working together.
  • Self-worth & charging more for your services than just the minimum required to “scrape by” in your finances.
  • How to feel more comfortable earning “massive compensation” from the work you do, especially if you currently feel like you need to under-charge so you can be “affordable.”
    • Incremental increases in your pricing & incremental upgrades in the physical things around you.
  • Her biggest vision as an entrepreneur in the work that she does.
    • Why it’s important to her to bring more luxury into the spiritual world.
  • Her new business challenges in running retreats.
  • Her advice to the Business Bitch community: keep going, keep showing up, keep flaunting what you’ve got.


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