It’s 11/11 today.

More specifically, it’s 11/11/2020… meaning those of us who love repeating numbers are absolutely losing our minds.

And look, I love a good repeating number or a 4:44 as much as the next basic bitch, but I gotta say: the pressure of “manifesting” on these “perfect” days is just too much.

For example:

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed earlier today, and I saw this:


“ThE mOsT pOwErFuL mAnIfEsTaTiOn DaY oF tHe CeNtUrY”

“This is the first time in 101 years when 11/11 occurs in a repeating number year, 2020… the 11/11 portal flies wide open, making it the most potent manifesting day of the last century… Now is the moment to harness this portal to rapidly ignite your personal power and abundance. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS DAY!!”

Yeah, you know what I was doing when I read this?

Laying in bed, still, at approximately 11 am because I woke up a few hours earlier not feeling well, so I decided to trade my morning routine for a few extra hours of sleep. As I was laying there, I also wasn’t feeling so great mentally, and I was *fully* doubting myself, my future, and some big decisions I was about to make.

And look, I’m not at all here to rain on your parade if repeating numbers and sacred 11:11 portals are what get your panties wet when it comes to spirituality. I get excited as hell when I see repeating numbers on a clock. So I’m right there with you.

But somewhere, we’ve got to draw a line in the sand.

Because the fact that I was laying in bed doubting myself on at (probably) 11:11 on 11/11/2020 does not mean that’s what I’m “manifesting” for my future. Or that I should put pressure on myself to “be better” today or to “raise my vibe” so I don’t accidentally “miss out” on the personal power & abundance that Instagram post promised me if I showed up and made the most of today.

Your future is not determined by one day, babe.

It’s determined by adding up ALL the days & the things you do on ALL the days.

So what if you get super vibey and believe in abundance on 11/11/2020?

It ain’t gonna do jack shit for you if you spent 11/10 eating a tub of ice cream and watching Netflix… and then you proceed to spend 11/12 piddling around on the internet & not making any progress on your to-do list.

So if you’re not feeling particularly great about this ONE day in particular: no worries.

You’re NOT gonna fuck up whatever it is you want to “manifest” for the future. You can, in fact, take the day off and let yourself off the hook if you need to. Even if it’s a day that just so happens to be a “magical” repeating numbers portal.

What’s REALLY gonna make the difference in how you “manifest abundance” in your future is the dedication you have to showing up on the “non-magical” days and doing the fucking work & continuing to hold the vision to make your dreams happen.

And I KNOW that’s a message we can all get behind.

So go ahead and do your 11/11 manifestation rituals if that’s what you want & if that genuinely helps you move forward towards your dreams. (Believe me, I am ALLLLL for it.)

But don’t beat yourself up if today is not a “perfect” day for you.

It’ll be fine, I promise.

You can 100% show up tomorrow, the next day, and the next day after that and make REAL magic happen, no matter what the numbers on the calendar happen to be.

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