Karaminder is a professional, full-time headshot photographer in San Francisco…. but who has an INCREDIBLE entrepreneurial track record from before he started his photography business. Most notably, he helped his father develop a family-operated wine shop into an ecommerce store that they grew very successfully before the economic crash of 2008 / 2009 hit. He’s got an incredible mind for growing a business in a fun way, and has a fun & funny personality that makes this conversation fun to listen to.


What we talk about:

  • Growing up with an entrepreneurial father who one day went to buy candles & ended up buying the whole store with his savings from being a cab driver.
  • Learning to be a salesman in a computer company.
  • Becoming a Dot Com founder to sell wine bottles from his dad’s wine shop.
  • Growing his Dot Com wine business so it evolved into a restaurant.
  • Volunteering to get work experience in your niche.
  • How he started gaining traction as a potential photographer in a competitive city.
  • How to take a GREAT, professional-looking selfie. (Full list of steps below… keep scrolling down to find them!) 
  • YOUR WEBSITE IS IMPORTANT – Get found on Google
  • Divi + SEO product
  • How to make yourself easier to book online & therefore get more clients.


Make Your Website Look Gorgeous + Get Found by Your Ideal Clients in Google

If you want to make sure you have a beautiful-looking website, my clients & I are obsessed with Divi – which is a theme you can use on any WordPress site. In fact, ALL the pages on BusinessBitch.com are made from Divi’s designer-made templates: all I had to do was change the colors, font, text, and photos. Easy peasy! And it looks soooo professional!

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And if you’re a new photographer (or new to ANY niche, for that matter), getting found on Google by your ideal clients is REALLY important: it brings more potential clients to your site, giving you more business, which translates to more money, more word-of-mouth, and more business growth. SEO (or search engine optimization) is the secret to making that happen. I’ve created an easy-to-follow SEO process to use on blog posts that helps you land on the first few pages of Google, attract the RIGHT people to your website, and grow your business… even if you don’t have any industry connections yet. It’s called SEO for Blogging, Traffic, and More Clients.

You can check that training out here, and download it & have it forever for only $47.

I also mentioned a free copywriting course during the episode, which you can sign up for here.


How to take professional-looking selfies when you can’t afford a photographer:

    • Find good light: open window w/o sun blasting through it
    • DON’T POSE
    • Pay attention to your face & body language – Don’t go into an over-eager smile – use a smaller smile, not a used car salesman smile.
    • Think about tasting your favorite dish that your mother cooks.
    • Mind your background.
    • Use the back camera, not the selfie camera. (Unless you’ve got one of the new iPhones.)


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