Driving for an errand today, I started thinking about money mindset. Again.

If you’ve been in the Business Bitch world awhile, you know I can RANT on this topic… and not in a way that most money mindset coaches would like.

That industry is FULL of gas lighters and bullshit-talkers, and it gives me no greater pleasure than to call them out for their single-minded, non-thinking bullshit.

Mindset is important, but the most important thing with mindset is believing something is possible & being deliberate about not holding yourself back. Anything beyond that, in my experience, is just gas lighting to get you to pay hundreds or thousands for programs on “raising your vibration to match the frequency of money” or whatever. 🙄

Money is money – it’s a thing that people do have hangups around, yes, but it’s not like it’s so god damn finicky about your “vibe” being on 100% of the time that it’s not going to come to you if you’re not perfect at it.

Anyway, rant aside, I HAVE been thinking about “vibe” in business, and how since I started this 90-day content challenge two weeks ago, I’ve become A LOT more passionate about my business and what I do… and how that’s CLEARLY coming through in the content I put out. I’m the kind of person for whom it’s EASY to get all the smart funnels and business mechanisms in place… so much so that I often sacrifice the feeling of passion in my work. (Though not too much, since I clearly had the audacity & passion to name my company Business Bitch, LLC.)

For me, it’s almost like my current “limiting” money mindset was that my business had to be all about the serious stuff and not the fun stuff… when in reality it’s the “fun stuff” for me that actually draws people to me and magnetizes my business towards those I want to help.

I recorded this short episode in the car, so pardon the wind noise in the background. But listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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