Today we’ve got a special one for all my Business Bitches who work in real estate…

We’re going to talk about online marketing for real estate, with three SPECIFIC ways to make sure your online marketing is on top of the game, so you can land clients and sell or rent properties like you never have before.


There’s A LOT more detail and how-to in the video, but to sum it up, these are three ways to really up your game with online marketing for real estate:

  1. Put your face on Instagram (or other social media)
  2. Update your property descriptions to appeal to emotions & not just be boring descriptions of property specs.
  3. SEO it up.


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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Business Bitch land!

Today we’ve got a special one for all my Business Bitches who work in real estate…

We’re going to talk about ways to make sure your online marketing is on top of the game, so you can land clients and sell or rent properties like you never have before.


1) Put Your Face on Instagram

Guys, Instagram is a goldmine for corresponding with potential clients in real estate, and unless your city or town is some random anomaly, MOST realtors aren’t using Instagram to its full potential.

Sure, occasionally, some random firm will put up a photo of a listing… but they don’t really do much with it, and the description usually sucks.

Instead, show up regularly. If you don’t have new properties to put up as posts, put up posts of things in your area that would be of interest to your target market. Talk about fun things in the area to do if you’re into residential real estate…. or if you’re into commercial spaces, talk about all kinds of cool business opportunities in different neighborhoods.

Also, people LOVE local hashtags… so make sure you use those.

2) Update Your Property Descriptions

Speaking of sucky descriptions, stop just listing features & calling it a property description.

Like, yes, we all do need to know whether or not their is laundry on-premises in an apartment building, but what about the personality of the place?!?

Unless a person is a total monster, that’s a BIG factor in deciding to live somewhere or not.

So instead of just listing features, add 1-2 sentences BEFORE the feature list to tell us what it FEELS like to be inside that apartment, house, or office space.

Can you feel the history of the 1920’s in the high ceilings and crown molding? Does it have the industrial vibe of big-city productivity? Can you smell fresh grass come in the through the kitchen windows in the morning?

Tell us!

I guarantee you’ll get WAY more viewings, and sell a lot more listings at or above asking price. For realz.

3) SEO it Up

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it basically means making sure you’re using the words in your content that people are ALSO using in Google & other search engines to search for your services.

So, since I live in Asheville, some obvious keywords to use are:
real estate in asheville
apartments in asheville
office space for rent in asheville
buy a house in asheville

And so on.

You DO want to make sure you rank locally for real estate, so tacking your city or area name on the end is always a good idea.

However, if there are a lot of real estate companies where you live, it may be hard to get into the #1 spot on Google for these broad keywords. It never hurts to try, of course, but one of the best strategies I know is to go for less competitive, but still highly relevant keywords.

In a basic search on Answer the Public for apartments, for example, I found:
why apartments are better than houses
why apartments require renters insurance
what apartments are near me
what apartments can i afford
which apartments include utilities
apartments where dogs are allowed
can apartments charge for emotional support animals
apartments near __________
apartments with hot tubs
apartments vs houses
apartments or flats

Again, you wouldn’t have to use ALL of these, but they’re just examples to show you what’s possible to rank well in search engines, even if there’s a lot of competition in your area.

But these are ALL things people in your area would be searching, so you can use that to your advantage.

Also, consider using small town names that are just outside of your city. These will be way less competitive & you’ll definitely be able to get some leads from them too.

Conclusion: Book a Free Call With Me

If this video has given you some great ideas, I am so happy. There is so much potential for real estate professionals to be amazing at online marketing… especially since most of their peers just aren’t doing a very good job of it at all.

If you’d like to make a plan to easily grow your online marketing efforts so you can see the payoffs of more sales & more clients…. which means more commissions for you… go to to book a free 30-minute discovery call with me.

These calls are no-obligation, and we’ll talk about where you’re at now, you’re goals, and the things you’re having a hard time getting past to get there. Plus, we’ll end up do a little bit of coaching as well – for free.

Again, that’s – and I’ll see you soon!

Bye! 😘

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