Happy Birthday, Business Bitch! 🎉

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes and tell you exactly what it’s been like running Business Bitch for the past year… and all the lessons I’ve learned from balancing it with my other online company.

There were a number of unexpected twists & turns, and I tell you about all of them, AND I give you insight on exactly what I’m going to be doing to grow both companies in the future. Here’s a little sneak peek on what I go over:

  • Business Bitch’s profits for 2019 😱 (still kind of can’t believe I admitted that, but 🤷‍♀️)
  • Things I did to grow Business Bitch over the past year
  • A project I started for Business Bitch that took SO MUCH TIME, but still has never seen the light of day
  • Why I decided to scale back my Instagram posts & podcast episodes… and why I’m ramping up on Pinterest.
  • How I’m making my money-making more automated for both companies.


And here are all the cool things I mentioned in the episode:

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