I am ALL ABOUT affordability in the Business Bitch world… but I do have one really expensive offer.

It costs $10,000. 😱

Which, compared to my $500/month coaching, my $250 troubleshooting calls, or my $67 passive income training on product creation… is totally outlandish.

(Not to mention the mere $40 offers I’m about to launch that’ll help you grow like gangbusters. 👀)

This one costs $10,000, and here’s what it is:


I basically build your business 100% for you, from scratch.


I create your website, design it, write on-page copy that’ll convert like crazy and that your audience is addicted to, set up your email marketing automations, get all your hosting taken care of, get your payment systems working, AND I coach you on taking everything I make and turning it into a profitable-as-fuck company.

(I fully 1,000% believe that if you & me got started this month, you could have your $10,000 paid back to you by the end of the year, easy peasy.)

But… $10,000?!?

For all of that?


I know it’s an investment, and it’s ~maybe~ not for everyone, but here’s how it breaks down:


  • Copywriting (website, emails, starter blog posts, etc.): ~$5,000+
    • (For those of you who don’t know, I run a high-end copywriting agency that always gets 2x to 3x expected results, sales, and conversions… and you get the same quality copywriting. So, basically, your biz is gonna be UNFORGETTABLE in your niche.)
  • Web Design: $3,000 to $4,000
  • Access to ALLLL the technology I buy for you & include in the cost: ~$400
    • This includes LIFETIME, unlimited access to my favorite website builder ever, and that is honestly the easiest (& best-looking) option I have ever set eyes on. If you decide you want to make another website with it in the future, you can at no extra cost.
  • Coaching: $1,000 to $1,500 value
  • URL purchase, domain & hosting setup: $150
  • Tech setup of emails, automations, payment systems, etc: $600 to $900
  • Lead magnet creation: ~$1,200
  • Google Analytics Install: $150
  • Unlimited voice notes back & forth with me during the project & follow-up coaching: haven’t attached a price value to this, but it’s fucking good
  • Access to any relevant Business Bitch Trainings you need: ~$300 to $500


In total, that’s a value of anywhere from $11,800 to $13,800.


(So at the very minimum, you’re saving almost two grand. 💰)

Not to mention all the TIME you save, because you get it all in one person:

  • No playing mediator & going back & forth between your copywriter and your web designer
  • No having to pay for extra revisions when your web designer says what your copywriter produced won’t work.
  • No need to cross your fingers, clench your teeth, or say stressed prayers after the investment, because you’ve got follow-on business coaching (& business coaching throughout) to make sure you absolutely kick ass with it.
  • No spending hours doing your head in with website setup or tech automations, because you’ve got someone there who can do it all in three clicks of a mouse. (Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’m really fucking good at it and you get the point.)

All of this stuff is stuff you’d either have to pay extra for, or spend HOURS figuring out and completing on your own.

So, if having a little tech fair show up and just magically bless your life with a ready-to-go business so you can just show up and start making THOUSANDS before the end of the year sounds good to you… hit me up.

Yes, it’s my most expensive offer, but as you can see from the breakdown, it’s really fucking affordable for what you get.

And fuck if it isn’t the perfect solution for us business bitches who know impatience is a virtue & are ready to just start changing the world (and our bank accounts) already.

Would love to talk to you if this is you. 😉 (Or if you think someone you know could use it, send this post to them. 😉 💖 Thanks!)






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