Learn How to Land

More Freelance Clients

Trust me, it’s the #1 problem most freelancers face. So you’re not alone.

So let’s get you some damn clients, already! 

(Or, getting more clients, or higher-paying ones, if you already have a few under your belt.)

As a freelancer, they money you make from client projects is your bread & butter, so if that disappears, you’re screwed. Really f*ing screwed.

It’s no wonder so many of you are so obsessed with getting more & MORE client leads.

Believe me, I get it: I spent a LONG time working as a freelancer. It’s how I started my career, and I LOVE that freelancing is where my roots are at.

Which is why I put together a training on three of the BEST ways I’ve found to stand out to potential clients, and LAND GIGS that pay you well.

So… what am I gonna teach you?

I’ve broken this series up into three lessons, which include:

Stand Out OFF the Job Boards

This helps guarantee your message or application at least gets seen. It HIGHLY increases your chances of getting hired, and virtually guarantees you’ll at least get a response from the client.


Being Proactive in the Conversation

Learn how to anchor the first conversation with the client in your favor. Know what to say and when to say it to keep the ball in your court.


Set Yourself Apart

How to pitch your services so you’re more than just a hired pen or cheap pixel pusher. Become an irreplaceable expert on that company’s team. (Who they keep paying every month.) 

These tips work WONDERS

Every single one of these tips has worked WONDERS for me over the years, both as a freelancer AND when I transitioned my freelancing business into my still-successful copywriting agency, Copy Power.

I’ve also got some hot tips including how I landed my very first five-figure freelance deal, how one of my clients landed a project that paid her $2,000 for a single day’s worth of work, and how to systematize all of this to land high-paying gigs on repeat. 🔥

💵 It’s totally free, and you can start getting those awesome clients, already. 💵

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