Amy Dowlman is a psychic, soul seer, and energy intuitive who helps people see their life’s mission & pursue it. She’s also the founder of Blissfully Aligned.

In this interview, she’s here to help us “see” and map out plans for our happiest possible futures. It’s no lie that 2020 has been a bit of a wet blanket for a lot of us, but there’s still A LOT to get excited about in our lives and businesses, and Amy helps us uncover that!

Her process to “see” your future and feel really excited about what’s coming into your life:

Declutter your life by categorizing things in 3 piles:

  1. YES: definitely want to keep it.
  2. MAYBE: not sure if you want to keep it or get rid of it.
  3. NO: chucking it out.

Go through this process one more time with the MAYBE & YES lists.
Go through this process one final time with the YES list.

Other things we talk about during this interview:

👉 How to deal with the ego setting in when you get your list of definite YES items to keep you from procrastinating on your dreams.

👉 The message she received last year that 2020 wouldn’t start “properly” until Q2 & that it would separate the men from the boys. (In a non-gendered way, of course.)

👉 Why it’s okay to ask your spirit guides for assistance when you’re working towards your goals or getting a to-do list done.

👉 “You can dream big, little one. You can really go as big as you want to.”

Find her online:

Instagram: @blissfully_aligned_ (currently being updated)
Episode 5 of The Business Bitch Podcast: Hear about Amy’s prediction for Business Bitch that came true!

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