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Being a consultant is a dream career:

Companies pay you top dollar to have you advise them on the area you’re an expert in.

You spend a few hours per day in an office or talking over Zoom, but your time is mostly your own.

You earn good money and still have enough time to create memories with your family and live the life of your dreams.

But… what if you can’t get the important people to talk to you?

To get hired as a consultant, you need to get in front of a company’s decision makers, which isn’t always easy.

So, what’s a person with a new or growing consulting business to do?

How do you handle the catch-22 of needing experience and referrals to get in front of these people… without a perfect consulting business materializing out of nowhere?

What do you do when you’re not well-connected, and weren’t born with silver-spoon connections that help you make everything happen easily?

You pull yourself up by the bootstraps, introduce yourself anyway, and get it done.

Soon, it won’t matter that you started from nothing.

You’ll meet the connections, friends, and business partners that’ll start making a MASSIVE difference for you

You’ll have the network and the constant stream of high-end client leads you’ve always dreamed of, and you can stop struggling to make your dream happen.

The first step, though, is talking to these people: getting into the same room with them (virtual or in-person), and getting their attention so they’ll remember you in a positive way.

I’ve got a four-part training to help you do it.

In this free four-part series, you’ll learn:

1. Find the List of People You Need to Start Messaging ASAP

When you know WHO to talk to & how to narrow your list down, everything gets MUCH easier. 

2. What to Say When You Introduce Yourself Online

Hint: DO NOT just start pitching people right away. That’s the fastest way to lose client leads before you even have them. 

3. ID Networking Events Worth Your Time

Meetups, networking events, and conferences can be a total waste of time if you’re not careful. Learn what differentiates a good one from a bad one. (And get those good ones on your calendar.) 

4. What to Say When You Meet People in Person

Why the “elevator pitch” is bullshit & what you should do instead.

Plus an awesome bonus lesson: 

Learn how to add value to clients in the right way so it’s basically a no-brainer to hire you. (Even if you’re more expensive.)

See you (& your new clients!) on the inside!

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