Not everyone has or needs to create a full-fledged business to bring in extra money online. Many times, the online presence you ALREADY have is the perfect place to start monetizing, which is what I talk about in this interview with Chris Luecke.

Think about it: how often do we hear the advice that it’s a good idea to create an “online presence” or a “personal brand” to help us advance our careers… even if you’re a 9-5’er and not an entrepreneur?

For his entire career, Chris has been a full-time employee working in the manufacturing industry, but he took the advice of creating his own online personal brands to heart. He started two podcasts: Pubcast Worldwide and Manufacturing Happy Hour.

In this interview, he talks about ways he monetizes his online brands, from things that are more passive and don’t take that much time to implement, to more time-intensive things like hosting events and picking up tour guide gigs.

๐ŸŽงย  Listen for inspiration on how to monetize your own online presence, or to get new revenue ideas for your business!


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