I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Molly and how unapologetic she was about her personal values and her dream for the world driving her business. She’s the perfect example of what I envision for everyone in the Business Bitch community: doing work they love, being booked solid, charging well, living a happy life, and changing the world with their work. I loved picking her brain about how she was able to go from newbie tattoo artist to fully booked in about a year, and I think her advice will really help you too… especially if you’re as much of an Instagram lover as I am.


Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about:

  • Her career as a hairstylist before becoming a tattoo artist
  • Why 1:1 customer service is a great career
  • Using her college fund to go to tattoo school so she could do something meaningful with her life
  • Why she chose to move to Oregon for tattoo school
  • Why she was intimidated by the tattoo industry
  • Art & tattoos are such an emotional thing & what it’s like to juggle clients & client requests with emotions attached to them.
  • What happens when you can’t serve everyone who wants the unique work you have to offer.
  • How she grew her audience & client base via Instagram… without being spammy or using bad bots.
  • How her spirituality & faith informs the work she does & the values she shows up with in her tattoo parlor.
  • Business ethics & how you treat customers based on your world view.
  • Body positivity & why it’s so important to her & the work she does. And why you should send her a million body positivity memes on Instagram. And my own recent revelations with body positivity.
  • Her challenge of finding balance in her business with the actual tattooing & the drawing & prep work required.
  • The trial & error she’s working with now to get balance into her business.
  • Doing it scared.


Links mentioned & where to find her online: 

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