In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Preston Lee, founder of

Preston started his career as a freelance designer in 2009, but has evolved it over the last 11 years to encompass so much more: including running a blog designed to support his fellow freelancers, and running a high-quality freelance job board.

In this episode, we talk about the evolution of his career, how he makes money from his online presence without having to take on freelance work anymore (like getting sponsorship deals for his website), and how his company fits a huge market demand for helping freelancers get more clients with Solid Gigs.

Listen to learn how you can start to land freelance gigs for yourself… or if you’re already working as a freelancer, how to better convey your value to potential clients so you can both land more gigs and earn more for the work you’re already doing.


A few times throughout this episode, I mention my training on Landing Five-Figure ($10,000+) Client Gigs. You can click here to check that out.


Things We Talked About:

  • How his website evolved from serving graphic designers to serving all kinds of freelancers.
  • Why he changed the name of his blog from Graphic Design Blender to Millo.
  • How he started using his blog to make money, even when he didn’t have much of a plan in the beginning.
  • What he wishes he’d done earlier in his freelance & blogging career.
  • Why it’s important to focus on revenue over things like traffic & email subscribers.
  • Why it’s non-essential to create a huge, impressive portfolio online
  • My own “Minimum Viable Portfolio” that I still use.
  • How Preston found sponsors for his blog content. (It’s an easy Twitter search anyone can do.)
  • How he now gets inbound sponsorship leads.
  • Why Solid Gigs is LEGIT different & better than other freelance job boards out there. (It’s sorted by hand by a fellow freelancer… not by some random bot that doesn’t give a shit about how much you get paid.)
  • HOW to land high-paying gigs as a freelancer: our secrets from more than 20+ years of combined experience in the field.


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