Ever since Michelle was 6 years old, she was exceptionally talented at soccer. So talented, she played in leagues above her age group and on men’s teams. She was going to go pro, no doubt about it.

But a game-ending injury just as she started her college career took her out of the game forever, and she had to find another way. She took to being a self-employed personal trainer, and before long, that career path evolved her into who she is today: a coach for pro athletes who have millions watching them. Her story and her drive is inspiring, and something we can all learn from, even if you don’t share her massive business vision.

In this interview, Michelle and I talk about:

  • The recap of her story & her dream to go pro as a soccer player since the age of 6.
  • Her move to LA & feeling called to help athletes.
  • Her vision to positively impact both athletes and the millions of people who watch them.
    • (This gives me goosebumps every time.)
  • Quitting her job and surrendering to her dream, even with no money on the table.
  • How she keeps the faith and surrenders to making her dream come true, even when things get tough and money is tight.

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