Hey love.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re watching this video because it’s near the middle of the month, and your income isn’t anywhere near what you need it to be.

I know, it sucks.

And I have soooo been there, plenty of times.

As we all know, there ain’t no stress like financial stress, so let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Here are 3 things you can do to meet your monthly income goal with only 15 days left.

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1. Collect on Overdue Invoices

My very first piece of advice for you is to collect on overdue invoices.

As service professionals, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the “doing” of our services, and to let unpaid invoices sit there, trusting that the clients will get to them soon enough.

And sometimes they do, but sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes the invoice email gets buried in the bottom of their inbox.

Sometimes the person you’re working with in the company isn’t the one responsible for making the payments, and you need to follow up, because they assume it’s just already been paid.

And, yes, sometimes clients are just assholes.

So go ahead and follow up on any overdue invoices & see what payments you can get through. A lot of times, this WILL be enough to get you out of the hole for the month and cover you bills.

(And if you do have one of those asshole clients trying to get away with not paying… try making up an “accounts” email from your company, complete with a guy named “Dave” or “Steve” or something… and use the kind of to-the-point, terse-but-not-rude language Dave or Steve would use when collecting on overdue invoices. I got this idea from Denise Duffield-Thomas, and I’ve got to say, it really does work like a charm.)

2. List out 50 ways to make money

This is another idea I got from Denise, and it’s to make a massive list of ways you can make money.

If forget exactly how many she suggested, but let’s go with 50…. because if you’re coming up with 50 money-making ideas, we know you’re getting really creative & leaving no stone unturned.

Everyone’s business model is different, but maybe you could run a sale, or offer an up-sell to existing clients, or maybe you hit the job boards & pitch clients looking for freelancers.

Or maybe you could pre-sell a program or course to your list before you have it created.

It doesn’t matter what the ideas are, as long as they’re things you can actually do. (So, “start a new business” probably shouldn’t be one of those ideas.)

3. Start acting on that list ASAP

Procrastination is the enemy here, so we want to get to this “doing” step as soon as possible.

From your list of 50 ideas, pick the three EASIEST ideas to do first, and then do them.

Then pick three more easy ones, and do those.

I remember doing this exercise two years ago, and one of the things I got inspired to do was to offer a free copy tear-down to my LinkedIn contacts list, after which I would propose to write copy for the client.

I wrote a generic message, personalized it a tiny bit based on each person, and then sat for a couple hours while I just sent out messages to people I was connected to on LinkedIn. It wasn’t the sexiest work, but I was getting things done.

I didn’t hear back from everyone, but that was okay, because I didn’t need to.

I did, though, land a client that covered my ass financially that month, so this approach did the job, and I could finally relax about my bills. (Plus, that client became a great business contact I’m still in touch with to this day!)

I did this one thing amongst a lot of other things, but I remember this one in particular, of course, because it was the thing that worked for me.

Closing Thoughts

Often, you just need ONE thing to work, but it’s great to not put all your eggs in one basket.

When you show up for yourself and do this work, the universe shows up for you too. (Or, God helps those who help themselves.) Whatever kind of spiritual mantra you prefer.

The point is, show up & do the things, and most likely, it will pay off for you.

Of course, it’s always best if you don’t have to find yourself in this situation every single month, but that’s where learning from mistakes like this one & getting a smarter business strategy in place can really help you.


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Muah! 😘

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