In this episode, I talk to Mark Dunn, who is the National Sales Manger of America’s Benefits, LLC – a company specializing in alternative health insurance plans. (And who is also my health insurance broker.)

It’s no secret that it’s a massive challenge for self-employed people to easily find affordable health insurance they can actually use… but the good news is that there ARE options out there, you just have to know where to look for them. Which is why Mark was such a perfect guest for this interview.

He knows the health insurance laws inside & out, and is licensed to sell health insurance in most states. He also knows exactly how to get you coverage that costs a lot less than what you’d find on, and that’ll be a lot more useful for you and your family should anyone get sick or be in an accident.


What we talk about:

  • The four places you can go to get health insurance: The Affordable Care Act & the three other options.
    • Health Share Organizations
    • One, Two, & Three-Year Health Plans
    • Indemnity Programs
  • His history selling insurance since 1988 & his passion for alternative options.
  • How alternative health insurance plans pay out differently than traditional health insurance plans through the marketplace.
  • Why it’s SO important to know the cash price of a doctor visit, no matter where you live or what type of doctor you’re seeing.
  • How you can get a plan that’s on average 1/2 the price of the marketplace.
  • Why I started seeing alternative health care options after turning 30, and what I found that cost less than half of the marketplace’s cost & gave me much better care.
  • Explaining what Direct Primary Care is.
  • Why alternative health care options are so much cheaper & what to take into consideration with some of these plans.
  • What to do if you have pre-existing conditions.
  • The ACA mandate is no longer in place, so there’s more freedom in what’s “required” as far as health insurance.
  • Understanding health share programs.
  • The financial backup programs that are now available that weren’t available a couple of years ago.
  • The importance of Medicare costs & how it plays into both traditional and alternative health insurance plans.
  • Why North Carolina is an INCREDIBLE state to live in for alternative health care options. (And why states in the northeast aren’t so great.)
  • Why it’s okay if you move states on an alternative health insurance plan, and what things to consider about plan renewal if & when you move.
    • And why you can keep your indemnity plan until you turn 65 no matter what.
  • Why traditional family plans can be a huge rip off when you only have one child. (Family plans typically charge for 2.2 children.)
  • Getting coverage for your child for $100 per month.
  • You’re not limited to the “open enrollment” window of November 15 – December 15 if you want to sign up for an alternative health insurance plan. You can sign up any time of the year.


Mark’s Contact Information:

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