Rewind 10 years, and I was a brand-new graduate with a fresh journalism degree. I was the #1 journalism graduate in my class, but I STILL couldn’t get a job ANYWHERE. So… I had to get creative. I started writing online for money, and because the recession forced me, I got *really* creative in how I did new client outreach… and landed a LOT of amazing gigs.

Better yet, they’ve served me REALLY well and landed me a lot of high-competition (and therefore high-paying) client gigs over the years.

I’m sharing these tips in today’s episode, so you can use them to get new clients and make more money, even in the middle of a recession.

If you’re a freelancer interested in learning how to land high-paying client gigs worth $10,000 or more (or you want to start working as a high-paid freelancer), check out my training: Land Five-Figure Client Deals.

Put in your ear buds, and get ready to take some notes on ways YOU can start landing new clients too!

After you’re done listening, here’s the quick list of six tips I share to help you remember:

  1. Don’t stop when you get rejected. Just seek council.
  2. Message people hiring in new, creative ways.
  3. Start somewhere – even if it’s not perfect.
  4. Block out other peoples’ noise.
  5. Pay yourself with the money you bring in.
  6. Determination will take you very, very far.

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