In September 2020, I started a 90-day LinkedIn experiment to see how I could grow my traction, traction, network, and engagement on the social media platform. I started out not really knowing what I was doing, but by following positive feedback, I figured out how to FILL my inbox with new client leads week after week.

In this episode, I’ll outline exactly what I did in the experiment, how it evolved, and what the 2-3 key things were that I did to get new leads coming TO ME; no cold outreach required.

Buckle up & listen in: if you own a client-based business, you’re in for a 20-some minute ride that could truly change your life.


The basic evolution of my LinkedIn business experiment:

  • For 2-3 weeks, I posted a selfie-style video to LinkedIn every day.
  • After a while, I started scrolling through my feed & commenting while the video took time to upload.
  • I noticed a sharp uptick in profile views, engagement, and connection requests as a result of commenting on OTHER peoples’ content.
  • I began spending 30 minutes per day commenting on LinkedIn.
  • I automated my content posting to LinkedIn through Recurpost, so I was sharing an old blog post, web page, or video every day.
  • I accepted everyone’s connection request.
  • I began having conversations with people who sent me a message with their connection request.
  • To have more high-quality conversations (& increase my number of leads), I started sending a message back to every single connection request I accepted.


Message script to use on your new connections:


Super happy to connect! Was there anything in particular about my content or my profile that made you want to reach out & make a connection?



My NINE Best Tips for Getting Leads on LinkedIn:

  1. Put something catchy or off-the-beaten-path in your “position” line that appears under your name.
  2. Spend 30 minutes per day commenting on other peoples’ content.
  3. Any time someone sends a connection request, accept and respond with a question to get the conversation started.
  4. Keep track of your leads. (You’ll get a lot, so don’t let people fall through the cracks. A simple notebook works fine.)
  5. Have real conversations, and don’t jump the gun with your sales.
  6. Don’t be precious about accepting connection requests. You can also remove creeps & spammers.
  7. Add me on LinkedIn & see how I do it!
  8. Don’t worry about producing your own content.
  9. Just get started!


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