The magic number.

Today is the day I turn that number.

As of 8-something-pm tonight, I’ve been on this earth for 33 whole entire years.

Anyway: to say the least, I’m not in my 20s anymore.

I’ve got over a decade of professional experience under my belt, and I’ve started and grown two businesses of my own.

I’ve written countless blog posts for myself and others, started a podcast, and even written a book that’s yet to be published.

I’ve accomplished a lot.

And I feel like the year 33 is going to be epic too.

Not just out of blind-hope optimism, but because it kind of has to be, doesn’t it?

It’s like 33 is the year of selfless acts and greatness.

Healing the sick, walking on water, giving AND teaching a man to fish… all that good stuff.

The year when shit gets done & you come into your own, if you weren’t “into your own” already.

The year you do something epic, selfless, and Jesus-like.

I don’t know exactly what that “thing” is, but I kind of feel like it’ll have something to do with Business Bitch and making the world a MUCH better place through business. It is my mission on this planet, after all. 🌎🕊️

It’ll also correlate with taking less shit in my personal life, but that’s another conversation for another place.

I can’t freaking wait to help more people start businesses this year, to help them make more money, and to help them come into their own as multi-six-figure business owners, as I come into my own as the same.

I can’t wait to cast off my copywriting agency in one way or another, to make more money than I ever have by making more impact than I ever have, and to get noticed for my efforts and what I have available to help people.

Anyway: I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes.

It isn’t even noon yet, and I’ve already got over 100 coming in.

You guys really are the best. 💖

And just a reminder: though Wednesday of next week I’m running a 33% off sale on all of Business Bitch’s digital products INCLUDING my troubleshooting calls.

Just use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY33 at checkout, and you’ll save your money.

Here’s the list of what’s available:


See you inside, and happy birthday to me!! 🎂







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