In this episode, Jeremy Enns, founder of Counterweight Creative walks us through how he went from being a one-man show (essentially a freelancer) to having a business large enough to support a team of 12. (And growing!)

He talks about how he had to invest the time into creating systems before he had the team members to fill those systems… but also how rewarding it’s been to see his business grow because of it. He also talks about striking the boss/friend balance with the people you hire, and making sure they show up ready to work hard for what you hire them to do.

Speaking as someone who’s tried this model, I can tell you: it’s no easy task, and I’m hella impressed that he’s managed to do such a great job at it. So make sure you listen to the advice he shares on the topic, because it’s incredible. I learned a ton.

We also touch on what it takes to grow a podcast, since podcasting is his area of expertise, and the advice is incredible.


What we talk about:

  • How & why he started Counterweight Creative.
  • The audio production company he started 9 years ago
  • The life of an unpaid, big-studio intern & how this skills he learned translated into podcasting
  • Starting his side-gig while he was a student & had a full-time job
  • Learning how to be location independent with his work – at first through trying a photography blog.
  • When he quit his job 3 years ago & was traveling Europe within 3 weeks.
  • Realizing that to keep a sustainable travel lifestyle, he needed more than just a few clients to cover his bills.
    • Knowing that you need to have more than enough in order to prevent yourself from getting into a situation where you have not enough.
  • Growing from hiring a buddy to help with the little bit of overflow, to a team of 12
  • My own errors & hard time in hiring sub-contractors in my copywriting agency, even though I made sure I hired talented people.
  • Working with a systems-based business coach to support the growth he wanted.
  • Putting A LOT of work into systems to support a big season of business growth.
  • Figuring out a management structure & the balance of boss/friend with the people who work under you.
  • Monthly team calls where you talk about things other than work.
  • What it’s like to be the boss from both of our perspectives.
  • How to provide critical feedback to employees without creating conflict.
  • His best advice on the quickest & most effective way to grow a new podcast.
  • How to re-purpose content from a podcast to help grow it.


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