Today we’re talking to Hyder Merryman, founder of Married to Cleaning, which is a home cleaning company in Anderson, Indiana. Hyder started cleaning homes as a side-gig to earn money for her wedding, but once she got a taste of the freedom self-employement offered her, she never looked back. She’s three years into her business, and today she runs a full-fledged company with loyal customers and even a team of employees!

We also talked about her past as a student with a learning disability, and why entrepreneurship has been so empowering for her when she didn’t exactly grow up thinking she could reach for the stars.

This was SUCH a good interview, and was even a proper two-sided conversation! She even asked me questions at some points! And we talked about a TON of great resources – all of which are linked below!


What we talk about:

  • How the cost of a wedding spurred her into starting her business. How the idea of a cleaning business came to her while she was at her day job.
  • What it takes to keep going when business gets hard… even after you make the initial money you wanted to out of your side hustle.
  • Podcasts we love to listen to for kick-in-the-ass motivation to make our dreams happen.
  • Why she LOVES Mondays.
  • The loneliness of entrepreneurship & the importance of cultivating friends who also own businesses.
  • The importance of enjoying & rewarding yourself with the little things as you do the hard work to build a business.
  • What it’s like when things feel like they’re falling apart, and why that’s okay.
  • The steps she took to grow her business to a team of people once she felt ready for it. How she learned to trust other people to do “her” job and hand the control over to other people. With baby steps.
  • Being successful without a college degree & with a learning disability.
  • Why good grades don’t really matter & how valedictorians usually aren’t the ones that “make it big” as far as success anyway.
  • Refusing to settle for laminate floors & her gutsy-ass, ballsy story of buying her gorgeous house when it wasn’t even for sale.
  • Her goal of investing enough money to grow her business & get a website. Because she’s “old school” and only uses social media. 😂
  • Why NEITHER of us use business cards.
  • Her advice to the Business Bitch community: There’s a YouTube video on how to do EVERYTHING.
  • Not being afraid to ask for what you need & what you want.


Links from the Show:

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