A little rant between friends today, babe.

From me, directly to you, because I know that you “get” me.

(People who don’t get me are not the ones reading a blog called “Business Bitch.”)

As I’ve been discussing lately, I’ve been COMMITTING myself to ~REALLY~ doing the damn thing and putting myself out there marketing-wise. 🤓 💻

Like, I’ve been spending so much time each day writing, pitching, responding to media queries, recording videos of myself, and replying to and engaging with OTHER peoples’ content.


Because I want to get mother fucking noticed, that’s why. 👀

And there ain’t no shame in that game, sweetheart.

But in this committed effort to get noticed via the platforms I like, I noticed something:

The algorithms don’t always favor posts the way I thought they would.

On LinkedIn, they don’t even favor made-for-LinkedIn content like LinkedIn pulse articles I publish.

Instead, it favors the text-only or text+image-only posts that go directly into the feed.

Which is interesting and not what I expected, but I’m moving with it. Evolving with it, flowing with it.

I’m changing things in my content marekting so I CAN get noticed.

Let me be clear: I *love* showing up on video. I know that doesn’t make much sense for an introvert who doesn’t like to wear makeup, but it’s the truth. I just ~like~ it.

But apparently LinkedIn doesn’t. 🤷‍♀️

So, I’ve changed my content marketing strategy.

I haven’t “sold out” to the crowds, I’ve just adapted so I can actually get noticed by my people so I can fulfill my dreams, help them out, and make the world a better place.

Because ain’t none of that gonna happen unless they SEE MY SHIT. 

And sometimes, getting people to see your shit means working with the algorithm.

So in the spirit of me changing my content marketing strategy, I thought I’d help you see if/when you need to change yours…

Here are 10 signs it’s time to change up your content marketing:

  • No one’s coming to your website
  • The people who come to your website bounce off immediately
  • You aren’t getting any engagement or views on the things you post (this isn’t to be confused with only getting a little bit of engagement or a few views… that just means you need to reach more people with what you’re ALREADY putting out)
  • The people you spend your time talking to as a result of your content marketing either never buy anything or have no purchasing power TO buy anything
  • Fewer people than you’d like are signing up for your email list
  • People aren’t opening your emails
  • People who DO open your emails don’t f*ing click through on the buttons you put in them
  • You haven’t had any sales in two months
  • Your sales are tanking 📉 and you can’t fucking figure out why
  • You sales *should* be going up because of the amount of work you’re putting in, but they’re not 😑


Obviously, each of these problems could be caused by a number of things, but they’re all good indications that it’s time to change ~something~.

The first place to look when you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong is your data.

Look at your Google Analytics. Have there been any major changes in visitor behavior from month-to-month? If so, can you pinpoint where it’s coming from?

If you don’t see anything there, look at your email marketing software.

Have your open rates changed lately?

Have you seen a drop in signups from week-to-week?

If so, when did that drop start to happen? What did that coincide with in your business or any social media algorithm updates?

Sometimes figuring this stuff out is pretty easy, and sometimes it’s like pulling out a deep-rooted molar 🦷 with no pain meds. Painful AF.

If you haven’t ever sat down to figure something like this out before… or if you’ve tried and still can’t put your finger on what’s going wrong…

It’s a good sign you need to talk to a business coach. 

Someone who’s been there and done it, and someone who can read between the lines with the numbers & deduce a tangible, easy-to-tackle to-do list to get you out of that rut.

I AM that business coach. 🙌

I’ve been there and done it many times over. For myself and my clients.

When I was first promoted to Chief Marketing Officer back in the day, my first major task was to do a data analysis of the company’s online marketing, so I’ve been living and breathing this stuff for YEARS. 

And let me tell you: it’s fucking effective. 📈 💰

I’ve seen it time & time again with my own companies and my clients, and I’m here to do it for you too.

All you need to do is book a troubleshooting call with me & we’ll get down to it.

We’ll figure out EXACTLY what’s not working like it should in your business, WHY it’s not working, and HOW THE FUCK TO FIX IT.

After the call, you’ll get a follow-up email from me with your to-do list, AND another follow-up email a week or two later just to make sure everything’s still going well.

And these calls (with email support) are on sale right now for only $95.

Get ’em while they’re hot. 🔥

Click here to book a troubleshooting call. 






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