So y’all:

Business Bitch, LLC was officially established in the state of North Carolina on March 4, 2019.

Like, only 16 days ago.

I’d been working on it before that… since February 16th, but I spent some time keeping it “under wraps” while I did research on the name & worked with a lawyer on trademark stuff… and, of course, negotiated the price of & bought the URL.

But the idea only hit me just over a month ago, and holy shit I’ve been working like hell since then.

Getting the foundations (like the website) up & running, giving you guys a way to hire my help, writing copy, and setting up software support systems.

And I know that I know that I know the way I’m going to be growing this business is via content strategy.

I’ve already got a content strategy for PR & getting my name & links on other, bigger websites, and I’m already working on it and writing and sending pitches like my job depends on it. (Because it does.)

But the thing is, I also know that I can write and write and write for all kinds of bigger sites, but if I don’t have anything fun, exciting, or useful for people to come back to… it’s not going to do me any good.

Because imagine if you read a great article by a blogger, went back to her website, and then…. nothing exciting.

Nothing more for you to read, nothing for you to sign up to, nothing exciting for you to follow on social media.

Meh… right?

You’d close her tab & forget about her forever, right?


And it wouldn’t be your fault.


Hence, the need for a content calendar.

Because of the launches I did in December and January for Copy Power, I knew I could prolifically create loads of content every single day… as long as I had a schedule and a pre-decided plan to tell me what to create content on.

That way, I was able to show up for my audience every single day, even during the holidays, and I was clearly the kind of blogger / business owner who was there for her audience.

So, I decided I’d create a content calendar so I could stick to it & help Business Bitch grow to her full potential and not hold her back.

So in today’s post, I’ll share with you how I created a 41-week content calendar (because 11 weeks of 2019 have already passed) for the Business Bitch blog.


Content Calendar Step 1: Keyword / Topic Research

And when I say “research,” it doesn’t have to be annoying or hard.

Literally all I did was brainstorm a list of things I knew my audience would be typing into Google. There wasn’t a need to endlessly to keyword research with numbers on an annoying tool… I know my audience because I’ve been my own audience for 10+ years… and have been working with them closely for years as well.

After that, I went to Answer the Public and typed in some relevant keywords & wrote down LOADS of topics to choose from.


Content Calendar Step 2: Print a Calendar

Yes, I mean a physical calendar on paper.

This lets you visually see what you’re writing & when, and lets you decide what kind of content to post and when.

It’ll also serve as a place to write in other things going on in your business, so you make sure you set aside enough time to write, record, edit, and schedule your blog content.


Sexy, right?

(Okay, maybe not. But it’s incredibly handy.)


Content Calendar Step 3: Decide Main Content Type & Frequency

I knew from my SEO successes in Copy Power that I wanted video posts to be my main type of blog post.

But also know that videos, while fairly easy to produce, still took a lot more work than a written post like this one. (That and having to have a day where I’m “on” for the camera… wearing a bra & makeup & all that jazz.)

So I decided I’d only do videos every other week, starting next week on the 27th. (Because hell if I had time to write a script, record, edit & upload by today. No, today would be a written post, for sure.)


Content Calendar Step 4: Decide Other Blog Post Types & Frequency

So, yeah, I could have easily just had a content calendar where I only published one video post every other week & kept it at that.

Publishing a blog post twice per month is PLENTY if you’re in business for yourself, but I wanted to grow Business Bitch to have a lot more content quickly, so I decided I’d publish every week.

One of the things I love about great business coaches is their willingness to share behind-the-scenes content. I already share it every week in my newsletter, but I also wanted to give a taste of it to the public at large.

(BTW, this is the “behind the scenes” post for March.)

I’m also incredibly sassy & have lots to say beyond keyword-based advice & telling you what’s going on in my business, so I also decided I’d reserve one blog post spot every four weeks for what I labeled “S/R/OMM” in my calendar. (It stands for “story / rant / on my mind.”)

Basically… the freedom to write whatever the fuck I want. Which I am ALWAYS down for.

This also gave me a content calendar that I could produce 50% of (the videos) in advance, and gave me the freedom to create more content on the fly, keeping up the relevancy factor.


Content Calendar Step 5: Put it in the Calendar

I decided I’d publish blog content on Wednesdays, so basically I went through my calendar & labeled each Wednesday with a type of content.

Every other Wednesday was a video automatically, and after that I put in a BTS (behind the scenes) or S/R/OMM respectively.

Here’s what it looks like:

See… simple, right?


Content Calendar Step 6: Assign Topics & Keywords to SEO-Driven Days

For me, the SEO-driven content are my video posts, so I took the list I made in step 1 & just picked the topics that would be easiest & most fun for me to make content on.

Out of the 41 weeks, and by starting with a written post this week, I’d have 20 videos.

However, the 20th video fell on Christmas Day, so I decided I’d use that opportunity to record something cute & fun for the holidays instead of being all business all the time. (Hint: printing out a calendar also lets you see where your publish dates fall seasonally, so you can use that to your advantage too.)

That left me with 19 videos, so I chose 19 topics & put them in on dates that felt good for me.

Here’s how that looked:


Content Calendar Step 7: Decide What to Batch & When

So, after step six, your content calendar is complete.

But it’s really easy to create a content calendar & then procrastinate, let nothing happen, and then not actually fulfill that calendar.

Which is dangerous.

So first things first, decide what to batch and when.

Because all my video (SEO) content is evergreen & doesn’t matter what time of year it’s produced, I can create & schedule those posts ahead of time.

I decided I’d do the first five videos all in one go, which will take care of my video content through the end of May.

So the secret to making sure you content calendar actually gets fulfilled is scheduling the writing & production into the content calendar itself.

So, I decided that I’d write scripts & the first two posts both today & tomorrow and do the filming on Friday.

So I put that shit in my calendar.


Content Calendar Step 8: Get that shit done! 💩 🤓

Once you’ve got the tasks in your calendar, stick to your word and actually do it.

I’m sitting here typing this post out right now, because I’m dedicated to making this content calendar happen.

And after this post is finish, I’ll take care of 1-2 other small to-do items for the day and then dive into writing scripts for my first five Business Bitch videos.

And then I’m going to record them on Friday.

Because I’m committed.


Content Calendar Step 9: Publish!

And get traffic!

And happy, dedicated readers!

You’ll notice your Google rankings getting better, your conversion rates going up, your word-of-mouth spreading. Plus lots of great business juju in return to showing up & making it happen.


See My Content Calendar in Action 💃🏼

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