I’ll lead you step-by-step to the business of your dreams.

No more guesswork or half-assed attempts. Just real results. Real fast. 


I got so much value from it that I am already creating my first product. You see, I have taken a lot of paid courses about blogging and passive income but none was super easy and cost-free like the methods you suggested.

Michael Kawenze

You are amazingly informative, it's clear you know your stuff! I have taken several copywriting "classes" and didn't get half from them what I learned in your videos.

Lori Rosen

I found it TRULY super helpful, especially as I'm at the stage in my business where it feels like I'm trying to figure out and set up absolutely everything while juggling a bunch of deadlines and jobs at different rates... this definitely did the trick!

Suzy  Cater

Awesome tips, thank you so much. I'll be implementing the minutia mantra ASAP 😀

Rolando Archila

What you get by working with me:

  • 🕚 Over 10,000 hours of experience in trying & learning to do the exact things you want to achieve.
  • 📈 Someone who can more than 4x the international average for time spent on websites. (Average is 2-3 minutes for marketers who do a good job. I get over 8 minutes.) This translates into WAY more sales.
  • 👩‍💻 A woman who started a copywriting agency that consistently got 2.3x to 3.5x sales & conversions for all client projects. (Which is hella good, just ask around.)
  • 👩‍🏫 A great coach & teacher. I’m really good at explaining things, which is a big reason why people keep coming back to me, over & over again with new & bigger goals.
  • ✅ Someone who’s so good at marketing online, she got promoted to CMO at age 26.
  • 🤓 Someone who knows business technology and advanced solopreneur software like the back of her hand… and can make it easy for you to use, too.
  • 📊 A data GENIUS. For someone who’s trained as a writer & to be a creative first, I’m really good at looking through data like Google Analytics & figuring out how to make your business a thousand times better from pieces of information others can’t make sense of.
  • 😉 Someone who’s been there & done it. I’ve been in the trenches of an unsuccessful business & know how g*d damn frustrating it can be. But I got out of it, and can help you get out of it too.

Standard Packages




I can help you do things like: 

  • Land $10,000+ client contracts if you’re a service professional.
  • Make a plan to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your revenue over the next six months. (And execute on it.) 
  • Establish passive income streams.
  • Get people to buy your passive income products, especially if sales have been lackluster.
  • Improve your copy so your people just can’t say no.
  • Set up & figure out email marketing… so you can finally have a successful online component of your business.
  • Launch a new product.
  • Set up a membership site… because damn that software can get confusing.
  • Upgrade your business software to options that work better for you & are a match for your future goals.
  • Get all your softwares talking to each other, so you can eliminate hours per week in busywork (& still be as just as productive).
  • Land online media coverage like podcast interviews and guest posts on popular websites so you become a top influencer in your niche. 

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