Before Heath became an entrepreneur, he worked in the concrete construction industry and had a lot of material possessions. He had everything everyone said would make him happy, but he wasn’t. After a couple of rock-bottom moments, he decided to find people who were living lives they loved, and started interviewing him on a podcast he created. He figured out how they got their dream lives, and decided to create his own.

Since then, he’s started an Amazon selling business, written a motivational journal, and created the world’s first R-rated affirmation deck, among other things. Here’s what we talk about in the episode:

  • We reminisce like old people on how fast time passes.
  • How he’s getting The Sweet Ass Journal into new niches.
  • An all-mayo, all-salt sandwich.
  • Waking up face-down, pants-down in his garage with a bottle of booze and a nosebleed.
  • The Sweet Ass Domination Deck & the meaning behind my favorite card at the moment.
  • The sexy three-way between your brain, heart, and soul.
  • Twitter bots starting a business relationship.

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