Guys, I have a bone to pick with the “become a well-known influencer” niche.

Because yes, there’s an entire niche dedicated to helping you do that.

Thing is, most of the advice that people are getting you to pay for is MORE THAN 10 years old.

Like, I remember when I was just getting started in the whole “becoming a writer online” thing in 2010, and even then people were questioning the advice the legends of blogging swore by.


Guest posting.

Yes, guest posting.

Look, I love a good guest post just as much as the next person, and guests posts are VERY much a thing I still do from time to time. Especially when the opportunity crosses me to either writer for or pitch a VERY big website with a relevant audience.

But let me tell you:

Even with the BIGGEST of sites, it’s a real hit-or-miss strategy.

Like, I once got head-hunted to write a site with a readership of almost half a million people, perfectly in my niche.

And after I spent HOURS writing, drafting, and revising this post… and running the images through an annoying software just so I could meet the blog’s anal-retentive requirements, I got maybe 3 subscribers.

On a post I wrote FOR FREE.

And on a post that, now, despite my agreement with the publisher, they’ve now pulled the links to my site from it. #bullshit

But I’ve also written posts for tiny sites that have resulted in 40+ subscribers per post that only took about 20-30 minutes to write, and THOSE readers were hella loyal, continually buying in on my offers. And then the publishers keep referring me to other incredible opportunities, like podcast episodes.

It all depends, and unfortunately, it’s not really something you can predict in advance.

Yet, these “get famous” or “become a niche influencer” advice-givers continually tell you that guest posting is THE way.

Hell, maybe it is the way if you’re continually able to land slots on The Huffington Post or Business Insider… but not for the rest of us.

And yeah, it’s 100% possible to grow yourself up to landing regular writing gigs on huge sites… that’s why I still do guest posts.

But relying on guest posting as a “grow big fast” strategy is delusional at best.


How I’m Growing My Audience

Right now, Business Bitch’s readership pretty much just consists of interested readers who were following along with my old business, and a handful of people who found me on Instagram.

And it’s great to have that as a place to start… but I sure as hell don’t want to peak with these numbers.

I want Business Bitch to get bigger & better & reach the masses of my niche, not just play around in small corners of the internet… helping some people, but having most people not ever hear of me.

So, obviously, I needed a better strategy than guest posting to make growth happen.

So I put my business coaching shoes on & asked myself how I would advise a client to get started on a solid foundation of growth, and it’s obviously this:

Use your EXISTING network, and tell them about your new venture.

You don’t have to ask them to DO anything about it, because that’s where things get sales-y and awkward.

But one of the biggest & best things you can do is to tell people who you knew, were friends with, or have done business with over the years. Let them know what your business is & who you serve… and tell them you’d appreciate a look at your website or referrals if they come across someone in need… if they feel compelled.

A little bit like that can go a LONG way, especially with people who give a shit about you & know you’re not a scammer.

I’m also planning on pitching podcast interviewers to be on their show.

This is basically guest posting – except you just have to show up & “produce” once for 30-45 minutes, and don’t have to spend an hour writing something, and then even more hours dealing with countless hours of revisions from some neurotic editor with nothing better to do.

Plus, it’s a place where you get to talk about YOUR business during the show, and guest posts almost never let you directly talk about your own business in them. (People hate self-promotion in written content, but when it’s spoken? Fair game.)

AND as people hear your voice and listen to you in chilled conversation, they get to know you better, trust you more, and want more of your content… so they make sure they go check out your website when the podcast episode is done.

Versus a written guest post, where people skim it at best and sure as shit aren’t paying attention to your author bio at the end & where you’re lucky to get 0.1% of them back to your website… let alone getting them on your email list because you weren’t allowed to self-promote & say anything about what you had to offer in the article.


Audience Growth Strategies Are Changing

So, yeah, once upon a time guest posting may have worked well.

Back when only a handful of people had those things called “blogs” on the internet you had to use dial-up for… if you even had it at home.

But now, everyone and their brother has a blog. Internet access is endless. Being published with a byline on some random site doesn’t mean much of anything. (Sorry for the harsh reality check.)

And with the exception of a few major sites & a handful of niche sites that are actually really, really good at serving their audiences: a guest post is going to do nothing for you.

If you need help planning an outreach strategy that will actually make a difference in growing your audience so you can reach more people, grow your business, and make more money, get in touch for a free 1:1 30-minute discovery call using this link.

I’ve grown my first business from nothing into something I can pretty steadily rely on, have helped grow loads of client businesses, am currently growing Business Bitch, and can help you grow yours too.

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