10 years ago, freelancing saved my ass. πŸ’°

Fully and completely.

In May 2010, I graduated as the top Journalism graduate in my class, and had daydreams of working for cool magazine, and one day interviewing rock stars for Rolling Stone. 🎸 🀘 πŸ–€

But these were the days when newspapers & magazines were starting to go online, and people hadn’t quite figured out the subscription model for that yet.

It was also the early days of e-readers, and people *just knew* that print media was dying… so no one was hiring. (A lot of traditionally paper-only publications did close for good, so it was definitely a thing.)

Long story short: I couldn’t get a job, so I took to freelancing online. πŸ’΅

I’d spend my days on my laptop anyway looking for entry-level jobs for writers, so naturally my attention drifted towards how to make money online without a “real job”… and the rest is history.


Needless to say: I think freelancing is f*ing awesome. ✨


And since I’ve been active on LinkedIn, I’ve noticed SO MANY people going freelance during this recession… not to mention the people signing up for my freebie on getting new freelance clients, buying my training on landing $10,000+ deals, and asking for my 1:1 help on growing their freelance businesses.

And babe, it’s been SO rewarding to watch people go from feeling hopeless after losing a job, or being furloughed, or being forced to accept part-time hours because of the recession….

To fully, 100% replacing their salary, not having to dip into their savings just to cover their bills anymore, and for a lot of people… actually earnΒ more per month than they did in their 9-5.

Like, this brings me so much fucking joy I just don’t even know how to express it. πŸ’–

A quick Google search told me:

  • The average employed content writer earns $44,088 per year ($3,674 per month)
  • The average employed graphic designer earns $43,519 per year ($3,626.58 per month)
  • The average employed SEO specialist earns $55,574 per year ($4,631.17 per month)
  • The average employed social media manager earns $51,322 per year ($4,276.83 per month)

And while those might be “good” salaries for some areas (they’d be barely livable in others), these are also some of the careers that areΒ best cut out for freelancing, and where $8k to $10k per month… basically 2x’ing your salary or more… can pretty easily be par for course.

The math’s pretty damn simple:

Let’s say you’re a freelance blogger, and you charge $250 per post. (A pretty standard rate for an average blog post with nothing special done.)

Each work day (approximately 24 days per month), you write one post before lunch, and one post after lunch. This gives you plenty of time to do other “business things” during your day.

$250 x 2 posts per day = $500 per day.

$500 per day x 24 days = $12,000 per month.

Pretty fucking awesome no?!?

And holy shit, CAN WE TALK ABOUT A RAISE?!?

You’d be going from the average salary of $44,088 per year for a content writer to $144,000 per year. 🀯Adding SIX FIGURES to your income, and almost $8,000 MORE dollars per month to play around with!!

Holy. Fucking. Shit, babe.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s actually real fucking life for A LOT of people right now.Β 

And it can be for you too.

If you want it to be you, but you’re not 100% sure how, book a troubleshooting call with me.

Or a complimentary 30-minute discovery call if you’d be interested having my by your side for 3 months or more while you get this all figured out & start making more money than you ever have until this point.

Would love to talk to you, make you profitable AF πŸ”₯as a full-time (or part-time, if that’s your jam) freelancer, and get you living your best life possible, despite the pandemic and the recession.

Can’t wait to talk 😘


Book a Troubleshooting Call


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See you soon! πŸ˜‰πŸ’–









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