Today we’re talking about something that is close to the heart & at some point or another heavily on the mind of I think every single entrepreneur.

And that’s feeling like giving up.

Here are 4 things you can do when you start feeling that way:


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Hi business bitches.

Today we’re going to talk about something that is close to the heart & at some point or another heavily on the mind of I think every single entrepreneur.

And that’s feeling like giving up.

And I’ve certainly been there myself more than once.

It happens when you’re working so hard in your business, every single day, but for one reason or another, you’re not getting or seeing the payoff you expect…. or the payoff is not in proportion to the work you’re putting in.

Or maybe it is a good payoff…. but you’ve got no energy left over for anything else in life, and you just want to give up, get a “real job”, and take the easier way out.

I mean, it sounds so tempting and so perfect, right?

So what if you have to give up some freedom…. a steady, predictable paycheck & not having to constantly think about your business outside working hours would be worth it, right?

Truth is… Mehhh…. probably not.

And if you’re watching this video, I’m guessing it’s because you feel like giving up, but you know deep down you don’t want to.

And let me tell you… you don’t have to.

I know it’s a cheesy saying, but it really does get the darkest just before the dawn.

I can’t tell you how many times I was on the verge of some new level of success with Copy Power – my first company that is a copywriting agency – and I felt like giving up.

I’d get so frustrated, I’d start searching on LinkedIn for full-time jobs, and maybe even put a resume and an application together for some of them.

Sometimes, I’d even send them out.

One time, I even got an AMAZING job offer out of the blue… for something I didn’t even send in an application for!

Anything seemed better than being in charge of making my own paycheck happen… even though I knew it was supposed to be “easier” and more profitable as an entrepreneur.

The good news is, I always pulled through it.

Most recently, I didn’t quite feel like “giving up,” but I was getting frustrated at things not working the way I wanted them to, so I had to surrender to some time away from my business & the idea for Business Bitch came to me…. clearly a massive up-level that will most definitely carry me to newer & newer heights of success.

So… what do you do when you feel like giving up?

There’s no one size fits all answer here, so I’ll give you some things I’ve done to get me through these rough patches… in the order that I find them most effective.

That’s not to say that each of these ideas will be for everyone, but maybe listening to these ideas will give you some inspiration for the next steps to take.

1. Take Time Off

If you can take some time off from your business, do it.

It can be harder if you’ve got a service-based business where your time working = the money you make, but see what you can do.

Sometimes, “time off” means you still keep doing your client projects so you’re still making that money, but you just take the pressure off yourself to keep growing.

And then, in whatever capacity you take time off… spend that time off taking care of yourself.

Sometimes taking care of yourself means sweating at the gym and going on long hikes in nature… but other times it means going to bed early, taking naps at noon, and letting yourself just lay in bed and stare at the wall while your mind and body recover from being over-worked.

Most times, this time off where you’re not trying to force growth gives you the emotional distance you need to see the big picture of your business more clearly, so you can see the easy tweak or adjustment that needs to happen to make things work better.

2. Go on Vacation

If you can afford it, go on vacation.

In 2016, I was approaching burn-out, but also had enough travel points to book a free airline ticket.

I’d been lusting after a vacation to Paris & London… and while I couldn’t swing the Paris leg, I cashed in the free plane ticket for a round-trip to London and stayed there just over a week.

I let my clients know I’d be taking that week off, only took my computer for the sake of checking my email like, once, and the rest of the time went sight-seeing and got myself lost in the culture & history of London, England.

It was a great breath of fresh air that I really needed.

Plus, when I got back, I was re-engergized to start working in my business again.

In that case, I think it was more of just a mental burnout, so giving myself a mental break and a set time frame where nothing was expected of me except to enjoy myself really made a difference.

So if mental burnout is what’s happening to you, check in with your clients (if you have a client-based business) to let them know you’ll be taking a week off next month so you can work around any deadlines that would fall during that week.

Then, take the week off & travel somewhere.

Heck, even if you don’t have money to travel, you can always do a stay-cation at home.

Ain’t nothing wrong with going to your local park with a book, or staying in and watching Netflix & calling it a “vacation.”

3. Take Walks Everyday

If this is the only time you can manage to take off, do this. Take a walk every single day.

When I was edging against burn-out with Copy Power one summer, I’d have this walk as an item on my to-do list to walk around the loop of my neighborhood every single day. It didn’t take long, 20 minutes at most.

But stepping away from my computer and letting my mind wander often gave me ideas on how to make things easier, or how to make growth happen in my business more reliably.

4. Get a Part-Time Gig

If you really need to, get a part-time gig to cover your bills while you figure things out in your business.

By the way, “part-time-gig” doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional job…. it could just be signing on a larger freelance client who has enough work for you to do to cover your bills for a few months.

A lot of times, you can find great part-time and remote-working gigs on LinkedIn or Media Bistro…. but especially if you’re a service professional or freelancer, you can patch a “part-time gig” together with work from just one or two clients.

The point is to have your bills covered so you’re not stressing over money, but to also have enough free time on your hands to let ideas come to you, and then to act on those ideas once they do come to you.

It’s amazing what suddenly not having to stress over money can do for you and your creativity… and in finding the mot amazing business solutions ever.


So… do those ideas help?

Let me know in the comments what kind of thing you’re facing in your business that’s making you want to quit & what ideas you have for getting over that burnout feeling.

I know it can be tough, but every tough time DOES eventually come to an end. I promise.

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Muah! 😘

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