This episode is for my lovely freelancers! (Or, really, ANYONE who runs a service-based business that serves other business.)

I’m talking to Eleanor Goold, who founded Kreativ Copywriting after careers in financial services and as a canine massage therapist. 🐕

We had SUCH a good conversation about getting clients as a freelancer, finding a niche that you really LOVE (and not one that you “should” love on paper), and why sometimes, it’s best to just start out as what she calls a “hired pen” as you develop your business.

We also talked about her success in generating leads on LinkedIn, and why it’s such a fantastic platform to market yourself and find clients without the competition of Instagram & Facebook.

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What We Talk About:

  • Eleanor’s business & All. The. Things. she has going on inside of it.
  • Eleanor’s background working in financial services & deciding she wanted more out of life besides her “nice” 9-5 job.
  • Her training as a dog therapist & canine massage therapist.
  • Her foray into copywriting & getting lucky with SEO & being found online by clients.
    • How she used other people’s SEO success to reverse-engineer her own success on Google.
  • How she tried EVERYTHING as far as getting clients… and was successful in some & not-so-successful in others.
  • How neither of us relied on “networking events” for getting clients, and instead just used the internet to find people to work for.
  • Why LinkedIn is the best for finding B2B clients.
  • Eleanor’s process behind getting great leads on LinkedIn.
  • The things freelancers do online when they’re desperate for clients that make us cringe. 😖
  • How we each found our niche within the world of copywriting.
    • BUT why you don’t need a niche to start out.
  • Adding courses as a revenue stream to her business once she was well-established as a freelance writer.
  • How you can be a high-paid freelancer AND be accessible to all kinds of people at all different price points.
  • Why Eleanor puts some of her courses on Udemy to both make money & generate leads.
  • Why she doesn’t do big course launches.
  • Why she doesn’t have one price point for coaching & how she keeps her coaching flexible.
  • Balancing burn-out & motivation. Why she has to have three projects going on at once to stay really motivated.
  • Why being competitive with other copywriters doesn’t pay off. And why being collaborative with your “competition” can actually REALLY pay off for both of you.
  • Comparisonitis in the copywriting industry.
  • Why Eleanor is into TikTok & is testing some accounts there. (And why you should be paying attention to TikTok if you offer services to businesses.)
  • Her advice for the Business Bitch community: NEVER STOP MARKETING.
  • Her business growth goals & how she plans to reposition herself in the future.


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