In the non-salesman world (which is the world I’ve been in most of my life), there is this huge, yet unspoken, aversion to sales.

We think sales(wo)men are all sleazy bros whose only core talent is to fake chum-up to people to trick their money out of their pockets when they’re caught off guard.

✨We pride ourselves in not falling for their tricks.✨

In not buying into the compliments they give us, because they only want to get their hands into our pants. (For our wallets, get your head out of the gutter.😉)

And so, when we decide to become entrepreneurs, we vow to ourselves that we’ll ~*never*~ stoop so low as to mimic the techniques of those slimy salesmen.

“In fact,” we think, full of pride and ignorance, “I’ll just show up online, network, provide value, and grow my audience so I don’t have to sell. People will inherently understand my value and WANT to buy from me when the time is right. I shall be pure & pious for the rest of my days, and never offend anyone.”

Which is all well and good… until no sales are coming in. 👎

👎 People who notice what you do are loving it, sure, but they’re not fucking buying anything.

Which is annoying as hell. 👎

You’re putting ALL this work in, you should be getting paid for it, right?!?

It’s atrocious that people in the corporate world work half as hard as you and earn twice as much.

But no, no. You’re not a “salesman” – you’re better than them.

Or so you tell yourself. 💵 But your bank accounts tell a different story. 💵

Here’s the truth: If your business doesn’t make any money for you, it’s just a glorified hobby.

One you might be passionate about, sure. One that might even change the world and thousands of lives for the better.

But don’t fool yourself if it’s not a business. If you’re not making money to cover your bills at the very least, or to make yourself rich at a minimum… it’s not a business.

So then you’re faced with a conundrum:

Either you continue burying your head in the sand & insisting that your hobby that makes you little to no money is still a “business”….

Or you (wo)man the fuck up and start learning how to do sales.

(I did say this email had harsh truths in it, so you can’t say you weren’t given a fair warning.)

While I ran my copywriting agency, I was pretty good at sales:

I’d have a discovery call with a potential client, collect all the information I needed, write a kick-ass proposal using the on-paper sales techniques I knew would WOW them, and I’d close the deal.


I’d get the job I wanted 75% to 90% of the time. Even if I was more expensive than the rest of the crowd.

But as a 1:1 business coach?

Oh buddy, now THAT is a different sales game altogether.

And it definitely sent me back to the drawing board for how I thought about selling to my audience and leads.

Was it fun to realize I wasn’t as great at sales as I wanted to be?


Was it fun to repeatedly *not* be closing at my 75% to 90% rate in Business Bitch that I used to have in Copy Power?


I felt like something was wrong with me.

And even though I continually got incredible results for my clients, I was even questioning my value as a business coach because I couldn’t seem to close at that high of a rate.

But at the end of last year, something clicked: It wasn’t me. It was that I was using an approach to sales that just didn’t work as great for my new business model.

And guess what?

I had to humble the hell out of myself and start learning sales from those sales bros.

But you know what?

Almost immediately I started booking more discovery calls. And selling more digital products and coaching sessions. And getting more people to sign up for my email list.

I realized that even though there are some slimy salesmen out there who make you feel sleazy, all “sales” is really about is helping people get what they already know they want.

And it’s not slimy at all. I never feel bad about the conversations I have with people. 💰

So am I “selling” more?


Have I become one of those “sales bro-ettes”?


But you know what: Business Bitch is now much MORE of a business and less of a hobby because of it, and that’s something I’m damn proud of.

So, ironically, I don’t have anything to “sell” you today except for maybe a discovery call to see how I can help you get more clients and close more deals….

But I do want to say this:

🚫 If you don’t want to sell, don’t become an entrepreneur. 🙅‍♀️

After months and years of work, work, work and never enough money coming in, you’re only going to feel defeated and frustrated.

So if you seriously think “doing sales” is a way of life that’s beneath you: give your dreams of entrepreneurship a serious think.

If you’re not willing to have those 1:1 conversations with people that *you know* are going to end up in you asking for money, you might want to reconsider.

I’m not even talking down to you here: I honestly think you’ll live a happier life if you do. Sales is not for everyone.

BUT if you’re open to sales & need to get better… or are looking for ways to do it that feel authentic & organic rather than forced (like those annoying sleazy sales bros), book a discovery call with me.

I may or may not be able to help you depending on my business model (I’ll only take you on as a client if I KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW I can help you grow your profits), but we can talk about it & you’ll likely end up with at least 1-2 solid action items at the end of our conversation. (Or other cool resources to check out.)


👉 👉 Book a Discovery Call & Let’s Chat 👈 👈






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