Disclaimer: Yes, I *just* finished up a launch & so this makes me kind of a hypocrite…

But here’s the thing:

I felt like I “had to” launch my Five-Figure Clients Training, because launching a program soon after you finish it is something you’re “supposed” to do. 🙄

Yes, even the Business Bitch gets caught up in the “supposed-to’s” from time to time.

So, since I was “supposed” to launch a training I was so proud of making, I did. But I put in the least possible effort.

I took the emails I wrote for the evergreen funnel of this product, edited them up a bit where necessary, and sent them out every morning.

I was done within 20 minutes each day. (Which says GREAT things for the power of repurposing content, but doesn’t say great things about my excitement level for launching.)


Instead of launching, I prefer marketing. And automations. I prefer to let the “launch” happen for people in THEIR time as THEY need it, not in the time frame I force on them.


And THAT, my love, has always been how my business has made the most money, AND how people have been happiest with my work. 🙌

It’s also how I’m happiest working and setting up my days.

That doesn’t mean launching is a bad strategy: it’s AMAZING for some businesses, and I am 1,000% behind it if it’s right for you.

Heck, I can even see *myself* getting excited and doing a launch for something BIG for Business Bitch in the future… but not right now.

But because I don’t like launching… it’s not for me, and it’s not for my business.

It’s not how I work best, and you guys (my audience) can tell. Whether you realize it or not, you pick up on that energy.

If I’m not all that excited, neither are you. Humans have AMAZING bullshit detectors.

But if I’m fucking stoked? You guys are down to clown.


The same rules apply for your business.


What you LOVE doing is what you LOVE doing.

Your target audience, like mine, is made up of human beings with fantastic bullshit detectors. 💩 🎯

If you’re excited about something, they are too.

If you’re not excited and just begrudgingly show up every day because you “have to” – they feel it and aren’t as excited (or ready to pay you) as you’d like them to be.


But if you feel like your business isn’t as exciting as you want it to be (for you or your audience), we can figure that out. 🤓

And we can fix it. 🙌


We can get to the bottom of it.

We can figure out how to tweak your business so you’re doing things you ADORE and so your audience is just as excited to show up as you are.

I do this 1:1 in troubleshooting sessions, and right now they’re on sale for only $95. 👀


👉 Click Here to Book a 1:1 Troubleshooting Session for Only $95 😱 💵


In these troubleshooting sessions, we talk 1:1, you & me, for one full hour.

👉 During that hour, we dig DEEP into what you want your business to be, what’s annoying you about it right now, where & how you are (or aren’t) making money, and how to get past your challenges to your next big level of success. 📈 💰

We come up with a custom-to-you to-do list that I email you after the call, AND you get a follow-up accountability email from me a week or two later to make sure everything’s on track & that you’re rocking & rolling the way you should be. 🎵

These sessions are so effective, one client even increased his *weekly* automated revenue by $5,000. (That’s $20,000 per month! 😱 More than enough to hire *another* full-time employee! From just ONE hour with me!) Even I was shocked by that.

If you’re interested in one of these sessions, especially at only $95 (they’re normally $250), learn more about them here, or hit me up @businessbitchchelsea on Instagram with any questions.

Can’t wait to talk to you & figure things out! 😘

Cheers to your success! 🥂 💵




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