We all have those things we feel like we’re “meant to do” in life. 

If you don’t know what they are, they might be those “big dreams” you think about, but don’t tell anyone else about yet. 💭 🚫

Those dreams of being a best-selling author, of having handfuls of people sending in emails gushing their thanks to you every day for the work you put out there, of making so much money you literally never have to worry about money again, of being a “household name” for the people in your niche.

Those things ARE possible.

If someone’s gone before you and done it (they 100% have), you can do it too. 👏👏 🔊🔊🔊

It’s not a matter of ifs, ands, or buts… it’s just a matter if you’re willing to step the fuck up and do what it takes.

But let’s not talk about the “doing what it takes” stuff right now.


Let’s say you take the road most traveled, and actually don’t do what it takes.


You cop out.

You say it’s easier because _______.

You find other people in your life to act as your excuses.

“Well I can’t do this because my kids _________. Or my husband __________. Or if I did this, my grandmother would roll over in her grave.”

What happens when you live your life like that?

You’ll always have a dream in the back of your mind you know you’d be happy with, but you’ll never make it happen.

You become bitter and resentful. 👎 Either towards the people or circumstances you’re blaming… or towards yourself.

😢 You walk around with sadness and resentment, and you’re not that 100% on fire and alive person you want to be when you show up in romance, making new friends, at family gatherings, or just day-to-day in the office space.

😣 You’re stressed work-wise and financially because you’re either not making as much money as you want or you “have to” make money in a way you don’t love… or both.

🌎 You’re literally carrying the weight of your world… the world you want but don’t have… on your shoulders every. single. day. and you can’t get away from that burden, even in your sleep. 🛌

It’s drab.

🎭 You put on a face for other people, but can never really open up to anyone about how stressed or mad you are about the situation, and just have to hold all that poison inside of you and process it (or not) by yourself.

Years go by, and nothing changes. 🗓️ 🗓️ 👎

Even if you sit around with the best intentions that “this year next time, I’ll really be making a difference” – and then promptly go back to doing the same damn things in life or in business you’ve always done, hoping somehow that the “intent” as you call it, will save you.

But it never does. 😐


Here’s a secret: “intent” for something better is nothing if it’s not matched by action.

You can “intend” for a better future all day, but ain’t a damn thing gonna happen unless you get up and do something about it.

Simply “intending” is not for you, babe.

How do I know?

You’re reading the Business Bitch blog, list for god’s sakes.

You WANT something bigger and better for yourself.

So now’s the time to mother fucking do it. 🔥

You don’t want a life like the one I’ve described above.

Trust me.

I’ve been there. For a long time, I was there.

And a lot more recently than you’d think.

The good news is: things can turn around, and they can turn around quickly.

And the quickness with which they turn around is exactly proportional to your willingness and action-taking in throwing shit to the wind and deciding that you’re going to do what it mother fucking takes to make your dreams come true.

So let’s do the damn thing, shall we?

And if you need a little help, I’ve got two ways to work with me to get your shit DONE so you can move on and just fucking have the life and business you want already.


Option One: I do ALLLLLL the tech & website setup for you


I’ve got space to work with ONE person on doing ALLLLLLL their tech and website setup for them.

You’ve got an amazing business idea, and you’ve maybe starting fiddling a little bit with the tech of getting it started, but it just does your head in.

You wish you had a little tech fairy to come along and just do it for you: get your website set up, get your payment systems in place, get your email marketing going and automation happening so you don’t have to worry about what to do when people sign up for your email list… the automation is just communicating with them and doing the selling for you.

I can do it ALL.

I did it for Business Bitch WHILE running another company in 19 days flat.

We can do the same for you… one month or less. Guaranteed.

It ALSO comes with follow-up coaching from me to make damn sure you can take what I give you and make it profitable as fuck.

You also get LIFETIME access to the easiest website builder I’ve ever laid eyes on so you can do updates if/when you need, easy-to-understand tutorials on HOW to use it & all the other tech I set up for you, pre-paid access to the necessary technology you’ll need to run your business.

That way, you can just show up and do the damn thing, and nothing’s holding you back.

By the time 2020 is over, you could have ALREADY made thousands in your new business, and be totally rocking it all through 2021.

You can book a free call here to discuss it with me if you’re interested. (Or hit me up on Instagram to tell me.)


Book a FREE Call to Discuss Getting ALL Your Tech Setup Done ✅


Option Two: Troubleshooting Calls!


These are still on sale, but the sale ends on Saturday (Halloween) at midnight, so you’ll want to book one before then. (You save $155 because right now they’re only $95 instead of the normal $250! 😱)

What is a troubleshooting call?

It’s a one-hour time Zoom session where you get me, 1:1 for an entire hour.

We talk about the problems you’re having, the goals you want to achieve, what’s getting out of your way, and how to quickly and most effectively move past what’s stopping you to make you more profitable, more efficient, more well-known in your niche, all the good things.

Plus, you get a made-for-you to-do list to follow along and check items off so YOU KNOW you’re doing the right things for your business, AND I follow up with you 1-2 weeks later to see how things are going, to hold you accountable, and to see if you need any clarification on something.


👉 Book a Troubleshooting Session Now & Save $155


Talk to you soon! 💖







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