In the entrepreneurial and self-improvement worlds, you hear a lot of talk about “discipline.”

That to be successful, you have to have “discipline.”

And I don’t know about you, but for me that was pretty freaking problematic: when I was growing up, “discipline” meant punishment. It meant forcing you into a box. It meant no fun was allowed, and if you strayed outside the lines for even a second, something bad happened to you.

So no. thank. you. ma’am. I did not want to willing fill my adult life with “discipline” and being mean to myself.

Sheesh, the world was mean enough to me: couldn’t *I* give myself a break?!?

Thankfully, there are two different ways of looking at the term “discipline” — even in terms of being a high-achiever and creating the business of your dreams.

The first way, the un-fun way, is to see discipline as punishment. As a big effort that’s required to force yourself into a box, into a system, and into certain habits so you can muscle your way into being successful. Using discipline to force an outcome is hard, and in case you haven’t tried it before, it hardly ever works. (Trust me because I’ve tried it more times than I can count.)

The second way is a lot better.

It’s still “discipline,” but it isn’t punishment.

It’s about summoning your inner strength to do things that you find hard, because you ultimately know that doing those hard things will bring you reward in some way.

That reward could be consistent $10,000 months, writing your book, landing a publishing deal, getting your website up and running, finishing your digital course so you can sell it, writing up freelance proposals so you can reach your next level of income, writing out 100+ emails so you can have the robust email marketing system you’ve always wanted and that will allow your business to scale to income levels you’ve never seen before, etc.

Waking up at 5 am because that’s what successful people are “supposed” to do breeds resentment towards the thing you need disciplined to do, but choosing to wake up at 5 am because that’s the only way you can start your day with peaceful meditation without interruptions, and you know that peaceful meditation makes you a happier, healthier, more productive person breeds inspiration.

When you use discipline to anchor towards something positive, it’s exhilarating and exciting, even if it’s hard. You want to do the thing, even if you’re nervous or feel unprepared for the thing. You know it’s the way forward, and you can’t wait to be on that path. You know the outcome it will bring you, so you can’t wait to use your “discipline” to work through the more difficult parts to make it happen.

Like Robin Sharma said, “Your days are your life in miniature.” (Or something like that.)

If you spend your days beating yourself up and punishing yourself to try to force yourself into some pre-defined box, that’s not a very good life to live.

But if you spend your days unafraid to face the hard things, taking a deep breath and just diving in despite what outcome may happen, and being excited about anchoring yourself towards great achievements and success, then chances are you’ll live an inspired life full of great achievements and success.

The question is: which life do you want to live?

And if you choose the second one, what disciplines will you put in place starting today to help get you there?

If you want a successful online / freelancing / passive income / consulting business but don’t know what disciplines should be, book a troubleshooting call with me.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs reach success in these areas, and I know what it takes… and I also know “what it takes” in a way that feels GOOD to show up and do the work for every day… so I can help you plan that.

Talk to you soon! 






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