Passive Income. Scaling Your Business. More Money in Less Time.

Dream come true, no?!?

🗣 It’s no wonder why so many business coaches out there tote programs to teach you passive income “secrets.”

🤷‍♂️ They claim it’s “easy,” but then you find it out involves complex marketing funnels, spending money on ads, affiliate partners, and massive launch campaigns.

🤔 Suddenly not so easy… is it?

But… what if passive income & selling digital products didn’t have to involve SO MUCH WORK?

What if you could create a product quickly, and sell your first copy or two by this time tomorrow?

No, I’m not talking about doing some slimy scam where you swindle 10 suckers out of $200 each for a quick $2,000 in your pocket….

I’m talking about selling something much cheaper, that A LOT more people will want to buy over time. (And that no one will feel is a rip off.)

Wanted to thank you so much for your Easy Passive Income Training.

I got so much value from it that I am already working on creating my first product. 

You see, I have taken a lot of paid courses about blogging and passive income but none was super easy and cost-free like the methods you suggested.”

Michael Kawenze

When I Started Selling Digital Products for Passive Income… I Started the Wrong Way.

(Don’t judge me. I’m smarter now.) 

For starters, I paid some guy $2,400 to access his 8-week course on launching a course. 

🤦🏼‍♀️ THEN it took me eight months to put my first course together before I could finally launch it to my small list.

That first launch sold well, but I had no clue how to keep selling… and the course creator wanted me to buy another $1,200 upgrade just to learn that.

No thanks. 🙅🏼‍♀️

But I DID learn how to create digital products people wanted to buy. So when I got a request for a smaller training, I made it quickly & sold it for $47. And then other one for $7. 

Today, I’ve got digital products ranging from the $7 price tag up to $397, and they all sell.

A Quick, Easy Training on Making & Selling EASY Digital Products

No more BS “guru” advice here. This is what you’ll learn & see with my free training: 

  • How these products fit EVERY business type. 
  • My pricing secret for selling more & selling quickly.
  • How to decide on a product topic.
  • Deciding how to deliver the product: via PDF, video, or something else.
  • The tech information you need to put your product up for sale & collect money. (You can do this even without a website!) 🤯 

No Website Necessary

Use this method to earn passive income even if you don’t have a website yet. Yes, really. 


Choose a product topic you know so well you can teach it in your sleep. No research necessary. 

The Secret

Learn the real secret to making passive income as easy as possible & not over-complicating it. 

Marketing Ideas

Get a list of 30 easy, free ways to market your passive income product so you can start making cash ASAP. 

Product Types

Explore easy-to-create product types you can make in 24 hours or less.

Get Paid

Learn which (free!) platform to use with your Stripe or Paypal account to collect money on sales.

Video + PDF

Sign up & get free, forever access to a video training explaining it all and a PDF workbook to guide you along all the steps. 

Just the Beginning

Lay the foundation for a massively successful passive income future.

Selling digital products is a fun journey.

And this training can get you started on the right foot.
I promise you won’t regret it, and you won’t look back. 

Do it fast.

Have a product ready to sell in 24 hours.

None of this wasting time on “doing research” for how to get things done. Or what you can sell to your audience. The quick, fast, & dirty approach gets you there with time to spare. 

Do it smart.

Stop reinventing the wheel with your ideas.

You’re smart, and your ideas are endless. It’s a total blessing. But when it stops you from getting passive income streams in place, it’s a burden. Learn to pick the best & easiest idea for you. 

Build a foundation.

Create a product that will pay you for years.

And one that will set the foundation to make additional, and even more profitable passive income streams in the future. It’s all about starting with a solid foundation that’s easy to build on. 

Sooo…. what are you waiting for?!?

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