From an entrepreneur who’s helped over 20 clients who’ve appeared on Shark Tank: Ever thought about crowdfunding for a business idea?

In this episode, you get the 101 of everything you need to know and how it all works from Roy Morejon… He’s had over 20 clients appear on Shark Tank, he’s helped more than 2,000 products come to market, he & his team have helped raise over $300 million, AND he’s the host of the award-winning Art of the Kickstart podcast, among other things.

In this episode, I ask him questions from the Business Bitch audience about how to best use crowdfunding, how planning a successful crowdfunding campaign works, and his insights on which crowdfunding platform to use.

It’s a super insightful and SUPER HELPFUL conversation I know you’ll love.


Things we talked about

  • The ideal situation to be in before starting / planning a crowdfunding campaign
  • The importance of getting your product protected with patents, IP protections, etc.
  • Choosing the right crowdfunding platform
  • It’s never been cheaper to bring a product to market with 3D printing & then start getting validation from people
  • Engaging consumers BEFORE you launch
  • Getting a community engaged & invested in your success BEFORE you launch your product on Kickstarter
  • How crowdfunding is helping enterprise & not just bootstrapping entrepreneurs
  • Why crowdfunding might not be the best fit for companies selling software or apps
  • The first steps to take to get your crowdfunding campaign going
  • How to write great copy that gets noticed on crowdfunding platforms with short online attention spans
  • The budgeting things you need to think about before you get started & what kind of money you’ll need upfront to fund the product production and campaign. How to figure this out.
  • How to take advantage of the data of over 190,000 Kickstarter campaigns to help your own campaign. Start doing your research now.


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