If “Content is Queen” in online business success… how do you treat it that way?

How do you manage to *constantly* show up & serve your audience with quality content, especially if you don’t have a team of well-paid writers to back you? (And you can’t afford said well-paid writers anyway?) How do you get past that catch-22?

Katrina Ruth is an entrepreneur who’s made well over $15 million in her online businesses, starting with making just $407 from her first ebook that took her nearly two years to publish. Today she’s MUCH more prolific in her content creation, and it’s as if her dedication to creating so much content is the true backbone of her business success. She sends out anywhere from 1-3 email per day, does livestreams nearly every day that get repurposed into other videos and podcast episodes, and also has 50+ books for sale on Amazon. (Not to mention she’s a mom to two kids.)

In this episode, we talk about Katrina’s entrepreneurial background, and how she’s able to be SUCH a prolific producer of quality, valuable online content for her audience. (Hint: it doesn’t have much to do with whatever “writing tactics” are out there, and has A LOT MORE to do with her just not editing herself.)


Things we talk about in this episode:


  • “Getting there” with your successful content before you can afford to hire a team
  • Letting your content be rough & ready
  • Not editing or filtering yourself… just letting your content OUT so you can be a more prolific producer
  • Saying “fuck it” to being perfect on Instagram
  • Dealing with limited pockets of available time while being an online entrepreneur and a new mom to a brand-new baby
  • Getting high-level productivity in 5-25 minute pockets of time
  • Figuring out which tasks move the needle & your sales forward
  • “If you produce great content, everything else follows”
  • The era of the ebook
  • Her first digital product making $407 & how amazing that felt
  • Weird, funny stories about her entrepreneurial ventures as a child

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