Too Many Business Coaches are Only Out for Your Money

I’ve been duped before too. And I AM NOT interested in being that kind of business coach. That’s why I offer troubleshooting.

You know the ones…

They’ve got the grand promises and the slick email funnels… so you get excited and pay them. 💵 

But then… you just get a generic system you could’ve Googled. And while the information isn’t “bad,” it isn’t exactly as helpful, either.

I’ve been duped by them before too. And I AM NOT interested in being that kind of business coach.

I’m interested in getting you from Point A to Point B ASAP.

While we can sign you up for long-term coaching if that’s truly what you need, I realize that many smart entrepreneurs like you just need a little “boost” of insight from someone who’s been there and done it.

Which is why I get so excited every time someone books a one-off troubleshooting session.

I know we’re going to the bottom of your problems ASAP & you’ll walk away with a to-do list you can implement and see almost instant results with.

It’s so damn rewarding for me. AND kinder to your wallet. 😉

What can we fix during a 1:1 troubleshooting session? 

It’s only an hour, but we can fix A LOT. Including (but not limited to) things like: 

Why you’re not booking enough clients to meet your income goals

How to get introduced to the movers & shakers of your industry

Reliable monthly revenue streams

Bringing in more referrals

Replacing your full-time job income as quickly as possible

Why no one’s buying your digital products

Why you’re not getting the clients you love

Fixing marketing plans that don't work

Raising your prices

Making your business more efficient so you don't have to work as hard

Why “scaling” is so damn hard for you

Finding better freelance projects, without pain in the ass clients

Creating funnels & fixing old funnels that don't sell enough

Copywriting for more sales

Figuring out your best tech & software setup

After each call, you’ll get a to-do list to work through that’ll help you reach your goals faster and an email follow-up from me to see how everything’s going. (Yay accountability!)

Coaching Testimonials

I had the pleasure of having one, 45-minute coaching call with Chelsea. My business has been around for 9 years, and recently went through a big transformation in our product line. We had become stuck in a plateau with our sales and needed help getting over that hump. In one call with Chelsea she gave me 2 actionable items that we put into place on the same day. Those 2 small changes immediately increased our weekly sales by over $5,000. I couldn’t be happier. No matter where you are in your business development, just starting out or been around for a decade or more, Chelsea will help you reach your business goals. Oh, and she’s a cool person on top of all that. Give Chelsea a call, you’ll be glad you did.

-Matt Warnock

I got so much value from it that I am already creating my first product. You see, I have taken a lot of paid courses about blogging and passive income but none was super easy and cost-free like the methods you suggested.

-Michael Kawenze

You are amazingly informative, it’s clear you know your stuff! I have taken several copywriting “classes” and didn’t get half from them what I learned in your videos.

-Lori Rosen

I found it TRULY super helpful, especially as I’m at the stage in my business where it feels like I’m trying to figure out and set up absolutely everything while juggling a bunch of deadlines and jobs at different rates… this definitely did the trick!

-Suzy Cater

Awesome tips, thank you so much. I’ll be implementing the minutia mantra ASAP 😀

-Rolando Archila

Longer-Term Coaching Pathways

Troubleshooint calls are a great place to start, but sometimes you do need longer-term help from an experienced business coach.

Within Business Bitch, I’ve created three main coaching pathways. You can learn more about each of them here. [LINK] The idea with each pathway is to pickup with where you’re already at, and accelerate you to where you want to go. I’ll guide you along the levels of each pathway until you reach the $300,000 per year or $25,000 per month benchmark.


Find more clients, work on your dream projects, and raise your prices. Group your services into irresistible packages & even grow into an agency if you want to.

Digital Products & Passive Income

Create products your target audience will LOVE & can’t wait to buy. Set up systems for automated selling, and scale your sales to reach your goal income, on automation.


Become the go-to consultant in your niche. Learn SMART networking to skyrocket to the top of your profession. Write proposals & learn how to add value to companies so they’ll never want you off their payroll.

All Business Bitch Business Coaching & Tech Help Offers

What you get by working with me:

  • 🕚 Over 10,000 hours of experience in trying & learning to do the exact things you want to achieve.
  • 📈 Someone who can more than 4x the international average for time spent on websites. (Average is 2-3 minutes for marketers who do a good job. I get over 8 minutes.) This translates into WAY more sales.
  • 👩‍💻 A woman who started a copywriting agency that consistently got 2.3x to 3.5x sales & conversions for all client projects. (Which is hella good, just ask around.)
  • 👩‍🏫 A great coach & teacher. I’m really good at explaining things, which is a big reason why people keep coming back to me, over & over again with new & bigger goals.
  • ✅ Someone who’s so good at marketing online, she got promoted to CMO at age 26.
  • 🤓 Someone who knows business technology and advanced solopreneur software like the back of her hand… and can make it easy for you to use, too.
  • 📊 A data GENIUS. For someone who’s trained as a writer & to be a creative first, I’m really good at looking through data like Google Analytics & figuring out how to make your business a thousand times better from pieces of information others can’t make sense of.
  • 😉 Someone who’s been there & done it. I’ve been in the trenches of an unsuccessful business & know how g*d damn frustrating it can be. But I got out of it, and can help you get out of it too.

I can help you do things like: 

  • Land $10,000+ client contracts if you’re a service professional.
  • Make a plan to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your revenue over the next six months. (And execute on it.) 
  • Establish passive income streams.
  • Get people to buy your passive income products, especially if sales have been lackluster.
  • Improve your copy so your people just can’t say no.
  • Set up & figure out email marketing… so you can finally have a successful online component of your business.
  • Launch a new product.
  • Set up a membership site… because damn that software can get confusing.
  • Upgrade your business software to options that work better for you & are a match for your future goals.
  • Get all your softwares talking to each other, so you can eliminate hours per week in busywork (& still be as just as productive).
  • Land online media coverage like podcast interviews and guest posts on popular websites so you become a top influencer in your niche. 

Curious, but not 100% ready to commit to long-term coaching?

Start with a Troubleshooting Call.

It’s the easiest way to get started, and it’s one of the single most effective ways to get my help on your business. 

(Seriously can’t wait to chat with you & make an epic plan!) 

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