Business Bitch Coaching Pathways

The world of business coaching can feel like a catch-22:

On one hand, every single person needs custom help to fit our unique businesses.

On the other hand, that shit gets expensive & systems are often “good enough.”

Go too far in one direction and you’re being a Generic Ginny that doesn’t get results for anyone because your “systems” are too watered down to make a difference… but go too far in the other direction, and you get so painfully pin-pointed and caught up in the details that making any kind of noticeable progress (or profits) seems impossible.

👉 This is why I created my Business Bitch Coaching Pathways.

They’re “systems” in that I know exactly how to lead you from Point A to Point B (whatever “A” and “B” might be for you along a given pathway), but they leave enough open space for us to really dive in and get some truly custom results based on your unique business model.

I’ve listed the pathways and their main steps below, but I’d be happy to talk about one or more of them more in-depth with you on a free 30-minute discovery call.

Client Results

A sampling of the results I’ve gotten for people.

Page One

Ranking on Google

I’ve helped my clients rank on the first page of Google, over & over again. This leads to more traffic, buyers, clients, and “influencer status.”


Email Sequence Upgrades

By helping a client troubleshoot his email sequences, I gave him the to-do items he needed to increase his revenues by an additional $5,000 per week.


Solving tech issues

I know business tech and online software so well I could do it in my sleep. I’ll help you get your problems fixed, your sites designed, and your payments working ASAP. 


The freelancing pathway is perfect for people who proudly call themselves freelancers and/or small agency owners. 

The first focus of this pathway is to set a solid foundation of revenue using the low-hanging fruit you already have going for you. 

Then, we graduate you into higher-paying client deals, and landing the kind of projects (& companies) you’ve always dreamed about working with. 

If you’d like to graduate from freelancer to agency owner, we can help you reach that level too. 

Drilling in on your niche & what kind of work you’re ready for right now

Identifying the best potential clients for you right now

How & where to find high-quality clients that pay well

A leave-them-drooling pitching & proposal process

Signing deals worth $10,000 or more

Signing on clients for long-term deals with reliable monthly income

Pinpointing your ideal work & your ideal client type beyond your “qualifications”

Pivoting past experiences into newer, more exciting projects

Signing on more & more of your ideal clients & projects

Finding high-value services that are easy & efficient to deliver

High-end client on boarding & project management

Signing on clients for long-term deals for reliable monthly income (again, but with your dream projects)

Defining & reverse-engineering your unique strategy that people can’t get anywhere else

Raising your prices even higher (& delivering the value to match)

~Optional steps to build into an agency~

• Establishing an LLC & relevant business structures

• Training sub-contractors

• Hiring sub-contractors

• Project and company management with a larger team of creatives

Digital Products & Passive Income

The digital products coaching pathway can be combined with freelancing or consulting, or be used completely on its own. 

The focus of this business coaching pathway is to help you create and sell digital products that can be sold on repeat, can scale, and to set up the systems that get these sales happening automatically. 

The marketing and marketing systems aspects of this coaching pathway also work well for physical product sellers who need more people to their website, and want to drive more purposeful buyers to their different products. 

It is 100% possible to earn a full-time living with this business model, and that is what we help you do. 

Ideating digital product ideas your audience can’t wait to buy

Creating & selling your first digital product

• Effective digital product creation

• Digital product sales setup: payment collection and delivery

Planning your catalog of digital products

Launching each product as you create it

• The perfect “launch” formula, whether you’re doing a one-time launch or a continual, automated email sequence

Creating a evergreen funnels to continue selling ALL of your digital products on autopilot, creating passive income streams

Pinpointing and testing the right messaging to get more sales

Attracting people to your website to create more sales

• The most effective marketing in YOUR NICHE for digital product sales

Scaling your sales without ads

Scaling your sales with ads

Testing your funnel & creating more sales on autopilot, with a few small tweaks every month


Consulting is one of my favorite things to do. 

Basically, a company hires you for a set amount of time or a custom consulting package to have you come in, advise on their situation, and help them implement whatever improvements they hired you for. 

You’re not a freelancer or a contractor-for-hire; you’re known as the expert in your field, and people look to you for knowledge. 

This pathway is great for said freelancers and contractors to raise their level of respectability in their niche (and make some great money). But it’s also great for people who simply call themselves consultants, because it helps you solidify your message and your value, get in the room with the right people, and start landing those easy-to-work-on consulting gigs that pay you well and support your lifestyle. 

Solidifying your message and value as a consultant

Identifying your true target audience

Getting into the room with the REAL movers & shakers in your niche

Working your network to gain clients

Setting up systems & processes to deliver the BEST value to your clients

How to have conversations that land high-end deals

Writing top-dollar proposals that get signed ASAP

Managing multiple projects at once

Tracking results for your clients & signing long-term deals

Setting up a high-end referral network so marketing gets easier & easier every single month

Generating steady, quality client leads on autopilot (no more cold calls or awkward emailing)

Easy business & project management to keep growing your business & have the life you want

With all three pathways, my specialty is getting you to that $25,000 per month or $300,000 per year mark.

After that, it’s time for a new coach to take you from multi-six figures to the $1 million mark, and I’d be happy to point you in the direction of someone great.

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