In this episode, I tell you how Business Bitch came to be. I walk you through my development as a marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur that led me to the point of being qualified to start a business like this… as well as the “magical” elements that fell into place for me. (Hint: they weren’t actually magic, and came from a really raw desire for me to fulfill my dreams.)

Here’s what I talk about: 

  • My teenage dreams of writing for Rolling Stone
  • Zero jobs in print media upon university graduation
  • Online freelancing at cheap rates
  • Moving to India
  • Attempts to teach English abroad
  • Going back to India and losing my job after 2 days
  • Landing a new job through new friends
  • Growing my first business & the successes it had
  • A failed launch that could have made $54,000
  • Joining a mastermind
  • A psychic prediction for February 16, 2019
  • Throwing shit to the wind with affirmations. Because why not?

Links to things I mention: 

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