The Business Bitch Referral Program

Every time you refer someone to my three-month 1:1 coaching, you get to claim a free Business Bitch digital course for yourself. (Or a coupon for some of our more expensive courses.)  

Make the Referral & Claim a Course When They Sign Up

It’s a really easy referral process:

When the person you refer books a call, have them mention you in the sign-up process for booking that call. 

Alternatively, send an email to them and CC to let us know you made the referral. 

We’ll keep track & reach out for you to pick your course(s) when those you refer sign up.

Here is the list of trainings you can choose from: 


Passive Income Product Creation

Learn how to create an easy-to-make & easy-to-sell passive income product. Course details here

Land Five-Figure Client Deals

The email, calls, & propsal process to land deals worth $10,000 or more. (One referral = 50% off coupon.) Details here

Predictable Income Training

How to use your current situation to create predictable, monthly income. So you don’t have to start each month at $0.00.

Successful Launch Training

Everything you need to plan your next launch & make it a raging success.

Create & Monetize an Email Sequence

Learn how to create an automated email sequence. Plan what content to use to make it as profitable as possible.

Stand Out on the Job Boards

Perfect for freelancers: learn how to get the attention of the clients you want, even when thousands of people are applying to the same gig.

Want to sign up for yourself? We’ll still honor this referral program.

Any time you sign up for three months of Business Bitch coaching, you get free access to any & all courses & trainings relevant to your business goals. No need to pay extra… because we’re just as dedicated to seeing you succeed as you are. 

Training & Help from a 10,000-hour expert business owner.

I’ve spent the 10,000 required to become a world-class expert in buidling new businesses. And I’m really good at it. So whether you sign up for coaching or get one of my digital trainings, you’re in really, really good hands.

Marketing & Business Practices that WORK to Make Money Quickly & Change the World.

If there’s one thing I’m dedicated to, it’s helping good people make lots of money. Because when money is in the hands of good people making good changes, the world becomes a much better place. And I know the business practices to get you there.

Ready to get started?

Book a call using the button to the left, or refer Business Bitch by sending an email to your friend or family member who needs it & CC

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